Classification of Arts

arts - is historically the form of creative activity, which are capable of implementing vital content.They differ in the methods of tangible implementation.For example: in the music - the sounds, the literature - the words in the visual arts - coloristic and plastic materials.

There is a definite classification scheme arts, dividing it into three groups:
- spatial and plastic types: fine and decorative arts, photography and architecture;
- dynamic and temporal types: literature and music;
- spatio-temporal forms of choreography, theater, cinema.

This diversity of species due to the fact that each separate art can not give a comprehensive picture of the artistic world.A whole artistic culture in general, it creates a picture.

features arts

architecture - an art form whose purpose is to create buildings required for human activity.These buildings must meet the spiritual needs of man.Architecture is able to integrate with other arts: painting, sculpture, decorative arts.Architectural works are more expressive character than iconic.

Art - creative, visually reproducing perceived reality.The results of this type of art are objective form, which does not change in time and space.

Painting - Fine Arts on the plane, which is using different colors applied on the surface of some, represents the reality of the world, converted only imaginative artist.

sculpture - art of space, representing the world in plastic images.The main materials used in sculpture are marble, wood, stone, bronze, steel, plastic and concrete.

Arts and crafts - creative activities to create everyday objects that are designed to meet the artistic and aesthetic human needs materials to create an object of art can serve wood metal, clay, stone and bone.

Literature is an art - in which the carrier of the imagery is the word.Specialized literature on historical events.It's very lively, mobile art system is very sensitive to the changes of life.

Music - art, which means realization of artistic images are the musical sounds.The main elements and expressive means of art are: the rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre, melody, harmony and polyphony.Music expresses emotional experience through the sounds, which are based on different intonation of human speech.

choreography - art of movement and postures of the human body, intelligent and organized in space and time.Dance has always been linked to the everyday life of people, so each dance is peculiar to the nature and spirit of the people from whom it originated.