«Waltz" - the German word, it is based on the verb "to spin."Whirling dance with people started long ago.It is believed that many of the famous Viennese waltz came from the Austrian dance "Ländler", which is more rough, do not have the ease and smoothness.Many composers drew attention to the new dance and music composed for it.
Austrian composer Johann Strauss (Sr.) dedicated his life to dance music, especially the waltz.After it has radically changed attitude to the creation of music for dance became popular.Because of the short works of light designed for entertainment, they have turned to the deep penetration of music, thrilling the souls of listeners.152 works of this genre created a talented musician, particularly well-known are "baya
deres Waltz," "Song of the Danube", "Lorelei", "Taglioni," "Gabriel."Strauss sons were also musically gifted people.Joseph died early, and the name of the eldest son of Johann gained world fame.
Johann Strauss (Sohn) became interested in music, against the will of the father who wants his son to be a lawyer or a businessman.Junior Strauss had enormous powers of the musician, his first dance tunes written in the age of six.In 19 years, he has created its own ensemble of friends, then had grown to the orchestra.I played it on the violin and served as conductor of the author himself.Surpassed the son of a famous ancestor has perfected Viennese waltz created by his father, has written more than three hundred tunes in this genre, for which he admittedly was the naming of the "King of Waltz".True masterpieces are considered "Tales from the Vienna Woods" and "The Blue Danube", representing the unity of the different national melodies.
solemn procession of new dance in Europe continued.The famous Russian composer MIGlinka, inspired by the love of Catherine Kern, composed a beautiful, full of love and the flight of imagination "Waltz Fantasy".For a long time Glinka thoroughly polishes his work, taking away everything unnecessary from the orchestral performance.The first poetic sketch evolved into a serious play-poem.Anew sounded "Waltz Fantasy" was first presented to the public in Pavlovsk, and conductor of the orchestra was Strauss himself.Russian symphonic waltzes originate from this piece of music, MIGlinka.
Over the centuries heard the famous waltz from the ballet by PITchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" and "Nutcracker".Waltz music is part of the suite by Aram Khachaturian's "Masquerade", composed by dramatic works MULermontov.In the romantic music of Khachaturian noble reflected human passions: love and jealousy, despair and deceit.
Russian musical life until recently had a great tradition in summer in city parks brass band.Old Russian waltz is a jewel of concert programs.The author of many musical compositions were Russian military conductor.Sufficiently known acquired IA Shatrov, author of the famous waltz "On the Hills of Manchuria".And his popularity enjoyed "Holiday Dreams", created under the influence of love.
Soviet composers have not paid attention to this genre, and in the difficult period of the Great Patriotic War.M. Blanter set to music a poem by M. Isakovskogo "In the woods near the front" - there was one of the most popular waltzes wartime.In the works of K. Listova "In the dugout," M.Fradkina "The Accidental Waltz" and others also heard a similar sound.
Honored Master songwriting Yan Frenkel said that he would give preference to the waltz of special confidence of the musical form and the wide range of images can fit in it.Special effects on the listener produces simple song Frenkel "Waltz of separation", which became famous after the release of the feature film "The Women".
I. Dunaevsky composed music "School Waltz" to the words of the poet M. Matusovsky.Imbued with good sadly lyrical melody in the soul awakens fond memories of the years of my youth, school.The song gained an amazing success.And now it certainly worried the human heart, is an attribute of a musical school proms.
beautiful melodies of the waltz from the movie "a hunting accident" has become a favorite for many people.The component "live nerve" film music without words if someone sends emotional drama, calling in the world of dreams and again returns to the earth.Popularity touching melodies Eugen Doga has surpassed the expectations of the author.Now she always sounds at the Wedding Palace, calling on the newlyweds first dance.