God Hermes

Olympic god Hermes was the son of the supreme god of Olympus - Zeus terrible and beautiful galaxy of Maya (one of the daughters of titanium Atlanta).It is believed that the name of God is associated with Hermia - ancient signposts in the form of columns with the bust of a man.At Hermes had many children, but the most famous scion of the eccentric god is hermaphrodite - a bisexual being.In Roman mythology, the role played by the god Hermes Mercury with similar functions.In honor of the god named the planet Mercury, which is the same "rush" in the sky after the Sun, like Hermes I loved to do it.

Why winged sandals of Hermes

winged sandals - an essential attribute of the god Hermes, its main distinguishing feature.The bright-eyed and mischievous "messenger
of the gods," according to the ancient myths and legends everywhere travels at the speed of thought.For this he used sandals with wings.With their help he could be transferred to Olympus in any part of the land or soar like a bird.It can be assumed that the action of winged sandals similar to the principle of seven-league boots.Mythical winged sandals of Hermes called "Talara", and it is the most favorite shoes of residents of the Mediterranean countries. winged sandals of Hermes had a golden color and called Talara.

To patronized Hermes (Mercury)

One myth tells that Hermes, while still small, hijacked by the beautiful god Apollo his magnificent herd of cows.To the loss it is not easy to find it tied to the branches of their hooves.At the time, a clever Hermes stole Apollo his golden arrow and bow, Zeus - the scepter of power, Ares - sword, Poseidon - the trident.It is not surprising that God patron of thieves, rogue, fraudsters and swindlers.

But Hermes also defended travelers, travelers, shepherds, was the conductor of souls to Hades (hence the nickname psychopomps - "conductor of souls").It has its own wand with which he closed his eyes to people, immersing them forever in eternal sleep.Read his representatives and trade, because it was believed that the abundant sacrifices Hermes will reward wealth.It is also believed that Hermes is still time to patronize magicians, astrologers and alchemists. wide-brimmed hat and the rod - two attributes of Hermes, which were winged.Petas called Hat and Wand - caduceus.

Among the advantages of God-prankster remarkable gift of eloquence.Hermes could not convince anyone and anything, and agility, stealth, thievery and deceit he was not aware of equals.This diversity characterizes the contradictory nature of God.Perhaps that is why Hermes (Mercury) is the patron of the zodiac sign Gemini, as contradictory and inconsistent.