Ancient Egypt

features of the architecture of ancient Egypt is that at a time when other nations were still at the prehistoric stage, the Egyptians already had a highly developed arts, including architecture.

Another important feature - absence from the territory of ancient Egypt forests.For this reason, the houses were built of mud brick and stone (mostly of limestone, sandstone and granite, mined in the Nile Valley).

But this was only the palaces and tombs, but the ordinary houses were built from ordinary Nile mud which dries in the sun, getting ready
to build.

But, of course, talking about the construction in ancient Egypt, people are generally interested in the technology of construction of the pyramids.The question of how the ancient Egyptians managed to build so grandiose buildings in the absence of technology, still occupies the minds of historians.There are several basic versions in this regard.

Many historians agree that the huge blocks for the construction were cut in quarries using copper tools - chisels, chisels, adzes.The blocks were delivered to the construction site, and about exactly how it happened, historians argue fiercely.

most common version - simply dragging blocks, stacked on the platform with rollers.For this special built brick road.Minus this version that blocks weighing up to 300 tons, found in the pyramids, can not afford to drag even the huge number of people.

No less a matter of not only the delivery of units, but their rise to great heights, as well as the composition of the bonding solution.

About technologies of construction of the Egyptian pyramids written many books and filmed many documentaries, but a clear answer so no one was able to find.

Ancient Greece

ancient Greeks in terms of geographical location much more fortunate Egyptians - vast forests allow them to diversify their strongly built of wood they performed ceilings and beams, the roof, and even the early stages of the traditional column.

rich houses, temples and palaces of the Greeks built of stone of different breeds.For example, for the construction of the Acropolis was used Pentelic marble.

Construction technology of simple residential houses differed little from the Egyptian - they were built of brick, but the Greeks began to use a more solid fired brick.The walls, built of brick, were often tiled.

At erection of stone Greeks did not use fastening solutions using dry method laying, bonding structure of metal straps for protection against earthquakes, wood veneer and spikes.All the decorative elements were carried out after the main construction work, only tiles and tiles were made in advance.Refinement, bringing structure to perfection and work down as far as sorting out scaffolding and forests.

Ancient Russia

Oh, what-what, and forest area of ​​Russia has always been rich, so the basic building material was wood.Much later we began to build the house of stone, so were born two concepts - "Russ Wood" and "Rus stone."

Stone construction began in Russia only in the X century and initially applied only to the church.

Houses were the same houses.Log cabin - a wooden house, built of logs, fastened at the corners.Log cabin - because only cut the logs with an ax.Saw in Russia began to be used only with the tenth century, and only for interior decoration.This is due to the fact that the saw tearing the wood fibers, opening a path for moisture and rot.Log cabin is sometimes put on a stone foundation of boulders.Logs are fastened to each other in different ways, but the most robust way to mount attachment was "in Oblomov" - when the ends of logs a little bit beyond the walls.

begins the tenth century stone building of churches and temples.Architecture of Ancient Rus is very distinctive, although some of the features is the Byzantine tradition.The main features of stone construction in Russia have always been a refinement of the landscape and the construction of an elevated public places, so that they can serve as reference points, beacons for travelers.