countertenor Countertenor, or as it is called, countertenor - the voice of vocalist academic specializing in viola performance and / or the soprano parts. Countertenor sometimes referred to as a male soprano.

Initially, the European polyphonic music XIV-XVI centuries.called side countertenor vocals, supplementing tenor and soprano.Since the middle of the XVI century, the proliferation chetyrehgolosiya kontrenora the party split into two: one performed below the tenor and called contratenor-bassus, second - up and called contratenor altus.Soon stopped using the term in its original meaning, but instead in Italy contratenor-bassus became known as a bass, contratenor-altus - viola, France entrenched term from-counter (haute-contre), and in the UK - a countertenor.

Since ancient times, a widespread myth that me
n have the ability to sing countertenor and tessitura in the women suffer from some abnormality, and their vocal apparatus is arranged on the female type.This is misleading.In fact, the ability to sing high-pitched voice is achieved through the development of the upper vocal register.

Differences from Altino and countertenor falsetto

Tenor-altino Conception confused with countertenor.Altino - a kind of lyric tenor with a high tessitura, different from the first countertenor that is uniquely identified as a high male voice, while the countertenor sound effeminate.Vocalist Altino has a range of up to notes of the second octave. Tenor-altino - a rarity, the owners of the sonorous singing voice by closing chords.

Finally, falsetto, or as it is sometimes called, fistula, is irrelevant to the classification of voices of vocalists, but the head is the upper register: sing falsetto can be the owner of any singing voice.In essence falsetto is achieved by a specific sound production.

to sing falsetto, you must set the vocal cords in such a regime under which only will oscillate closest to the slit fabric layers Mucosa.Fistula is applied in exceptional cases, to give the sound a particular color, however, some composers have used it to create a certain image.So, he sang falsetto Figaro in an episode where he imitates the voice of Rosina.