is very important, which was accompanied by musical rhythms of human life, what kind of music prevailed in the environment where he grew up.If a child was accompanied by folk melodies, creating a pleasant emotions, then later at the sound of familiar tunes the body remembers something very good today and rebuilds the internal state of the state, that was when - then when accompanied by this music.Much has been said about the healing and positive effects of classical music.But whether it can have a positive effect on the person who has it does not cause any interest?
On the other hand, do not think that music creates elements of aggression and negative emotio
ns and negative emotions correspond to certain types of music.If the inside of the human aggression, and draws its music that it is consonant with, say the same hard - rock, if it simmer negative emotions - rap, and if it - or mental - that, for example, heavy - metal.Therefore, recipes, and what kind of music you need to listen to the author during those or other health problems does not help everyone, but those who can take it a positive effect.For example, the play Sibelius, Grieg and Tchaikovsky - can help insomnia only those whose emotions flow in line with the emotions created by this music.
Depending on the internal perception - the same music can one raise, and another to spoil the mood, one assist, and other harm.The main thing - the mental and emotional state.If it is in tune with the harmony listen to the sound, which could have a positive impact on health, as well as the result of actions taken to achieve the success.Therefore, such opinions that plays Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Grieg can help with insomnia that listening to Mozart can improve the digestibility of information and mental performance, the memory can be improved by listening to "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi - must be true, but only in certain cases.A healing music filled with sounds that are able to activate a man in tune with their vibrations and enter them into resonance.
Resonance music and internal vibrations of a particular person - is required.Only then the music touches us and fills us completely, pouring a flood of positive emotions, and that is achieved through medical and psychological effect - banished negativity comes alleviation of disease, increases immunity.
But the impact of music is not always positive.Music can not create in man is not inherent vibration expressed in the emotions and feelings, it can not cause him not inherent sentiment.All is defined by what it is capable of vibration take a particular person.The choice of music, which can have an impact on a person specified in it the prevailing emotion.When expression of the inner negative human choice falls on the music, amplifying the negative, causing its strengthening and creating situations unpleasant consequences.