birth of King

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in the US state of Indiana (Gary city).He was the seventh child in a family of nine children, but differed among them an amazing talent to perform songs.At the age of five talented Michael he became a member of the "Jackson Five", which made him the father of four sons and the older of Michael.Addressing the group, Michael is fully opened, showing his outstanding musical talent known producers, who immediately offered the ensemble signing of major contracts.

After signing the contract, "Jackson Five" successfully toured the world for several years, writing for this time megapopular six singles.

But over time, Michael began to realize that it is not enough to be member of the group, where he could not fully realize his ambition emerged.He was determined to get away from the tutelage of his father, becoming an independent contractor who will work exclusively for themselves.Prior to the release of a family ensemble, Michael manages to record his first solo album, and sends it to the famous producer Quincy Jones.Jones takes Michael under his wing and helped him record a second album Off the Wall, which is sold out lightning in the amount of 10 million copies worldwide.After that, Michael Jackson became a superstar and finally flies away from his father's nest.

career and death of the King of Pop

becoming a superstar, Michael Jackson decides to conquer the world and record a great album, Thriller, which diverges in the world of more than 40 million copies.This album became the best-selling disc of all time - he even brought in the Guinness Book of Records.During the collaboration with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson was honored with eight other Grammy statuettes and music critics never tired of praising him.

As a solo artist and former member of the "Jackson Five" Michael's name was twice entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

During his career, Jackson has repeatedly been subjected to a variety of attacks at their own kind of eccentric and scandalous behavior on the stage, but that did not stop him from continuing to delight their fans with new army hits.Unfortunately, the manipulations that Michael spent with their appearance, thoroughly crippled his health, and in 2009, fifty years the King of Pop died from cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of painkillers.