name of the museum should not only reflect the essence of the issue and clearly explain to the person what awaited him inside, but also to attract with its originality and harmonious.At the same time, we should not keen on coming up with something really quite unusual because Museum still a serious institution, which holds exhibits representing a certain cultural value.
So, the first thing that should affect your choice of name - collected in your museum objects.If the overwhelming majority - the clothes, the choice of names should be made on the basis of ownership of these things to a certain historical period.For example, « Museum historical costume" or « Museum modern dress."These names will be well to reflect the specifics of the issue and, for sure, will attract its audience.
can go the other way.If you are at your disposal there is a huge wardrobe of my grandmother's things, then you are unlikely to be able to attract visitors this set of exhibits.In this case, it should work title."Granny's Chest" or "Old Cabinet" its originality, it may be of interest to a person.
A similar approach should be and in all other cases.No one goes to watch a collection of wrappers, you lovingly collected in the first ten years of life, if the sign is written, "The Museum of the inserts."However, the name "Sweet Childhood", devoid of specifics, it sounds a lot more appealing.
museums often bear the name of a historical figure, writer, composer.Their attendance depends on the degree of popularity of this person.But what if the person you want to devote your Museum , did not leave a bright trace in the history of the country?In Museum name John Doe will drag visitor except on the rope.In this case, you must carefully analyze the life of your character and highlight the distinctive flavor just for him.For example, "Museum Treasure Hunt V.Pupkina name" may have something to apply and wait for the viewer.