With the approaching date of the tender price gradually became higher.Especially expensive steel tickets to the finals of the event.

Evrovidlenie 2014 the tradition was carried out for three days.The first semi-final kicked off on May 6.The second was assigned to the May 8 and finals held on 10 May.Thousands of spectators from all over Europe came to cheer for their favorite artists and enjoy the vivid spectacle.Prices for Eurovision this year have been very democratic.Tickets started selling in November last year, with many companies selling tickets are very cheap.For 14 euros you can buy a ticket in advance on the main musical event of the year.

first phase of sales

first phase of ticket sales started in November 2013, he was conditionally extended until January.During this period, the tickets were the
cheapest, because as the world practice shows, there is little planning this kind of trip in advance.The minimum ticket price was offered in Copenhagen - 14 euros for a place on the central podium.Places at screens and commentary can be purchased for 19-22 euros, and fan groups could be reached, and for 25 euros, but the majority of tickets are not distributed through open source - they played in the television and radio broadcast esters were given as prizes andpr.

second stage

In January 2014 the second stage.Prices were raised by an average of 40%, while sales of the fans' gone places, but there were places near the stage and in the boxes.It was time for the massive sales.Places closer to the stage cost at least 250 euros, the price of the lodge started from 1200 euros, VIP-room for invited guests in the wide sale did not arrive, but, say, cost at least 2,500 euros - they were spreading "in the get-together."How many tickets were - no precise information.

third stage - April

remaining tickets were sold in the third phase, in April.In the last phase of ticket sales sold out less comfortable on the location of the place.Their price was quite reasonable: in many companies it was possible to buy a ticket in the range of 30 euros, but, of course, it was the side and massive rostrum.

In five years, prices have risen by about 3 thousand rubles.

Tickets for Eurovision could buy not only for visiting the finals or semi-finals, could also gain access to rehearsals - tickets are sold within 100 euros, and a variety of themed events in the form of parties - from 450 euros.
many try to save money and buy tickets directly from dealers in Copenhagen - they could buy tickets much cheaper than the official distributors, but most of the tickets turned out to be false.Unfortunately, this situation is typical of every great popular competition.

Compared to previous years the price of tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest is not significantly increased.During the event in Moscow in 2009. The cost of the tickets was about 7.5 thousand.