One of the biggest group - wind instruments, or "aerophones".These include the tools that are the source of the sound vibrations of the air column in the barrel (tube).In the classical symphonic orchestra wind instruments are divided into brass (horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba) and wood (oboe, flute, bassoon, clarinet).There is a more detailed classification structure and methods of sound production.
By glockenspiel include all musical instruments, whose main element is the key or the plate on which it is necessary to beat a special hammer.In this group, there is a division into two subgroups.Self-sounding instruments referred to a variety of gongs, bells and Vibraphone, which itself acts as a sound source metal body, the sound of it is extracted sticks, mal
lets and special strikers (in the case of Bell, for example, the role of the drummer is language).The second subgroup includes instruments like the xylophone, the sound of it can be recovered only by the constant mechanical effects of special hammers.
Another large group of musical instruments - string.They are a method of sound production are divided into plucked instruments (guitar, harp, harp, balalaika), bow (cello, violin, kemancha, gidzhak), percussion (cymbals), Plucked-keyboard (clavichord and harpsichord) and shock-keyboards (piano, piano).This is a very large group.In the classical symphony orchestras under the stringed musical instrument commonly understood bow.
Keyboard instruments share a common feature - the presence of the keyboard and the keyboard mechanics.These tools often overlap with other groups, for example, the piano is also a string, and a keyboard.
to extract sound from percussion instruments, as you might guess from the name, you want to hit.In these instruments sound sources can serve as a membrane, a solid body, or even a string.There are percussion instruments with indefinite pitch, they include tambourines, castanets, drums, and with a certain pitch, they rank as timpani, xylophones and bells.
For musical instrument are those in which the sound is the result of generation and transformation of different electrical signals.Such tools can simulate different classical musical instruments, and they tend to have an interesting kind of tone.These include electric, electronic, theremin, emiriton and others.