Artists of the XIX century.

XIX century.It is considered to be the golden time in the history of art and culture of Russia.

IIShishkin, undeniably belongs place strong painter of landscapes.This great artist has created a lot of good pictures, unsurpassed fidelity plant forms, subtle understanding of nature.Written works of Shishkin - a delight and admiration of Russian plants.The artist wrote a poem like flora.The subjects of his best paintings are: Russian forest, meadows and fields.For example, "Forest Stream", "Pine Forest", "rye", "Ship Grove".Well transmitted life of the forest in the widespread picture of the artist "morning in a pine forest."

At least know the name of a talented artist IKAivazovsky.His work is inextricably linked with the landscape, the theme of which beco
mes the sea, beach or sea battles.In his paintings the artist reveals the whole nature of the sea, it comes to life under his brush.It should be noted that he never painted from nature, and rely on his good memory and imagination.An indelible impression Aivazovsky famous painting "The Ninth Wave".It's a romantic hymn glorifying the power of the elements, despair and courage of the people.

Landscapes outstanding artist I.Levitan surprisingly lyrical.He was capable of the simplest and mediocre motif found near and dear to the Russian people, the landscape filled with ordinary feelings and charm.Artistic talent manifested itself in the web "March".Here, the painter gave a cozy lived-landscape, where we can not see the person, but feel his presence.As well felt poetic mood and love for the simple moments of life in the paintings of Levitan "Quiet abode", "Spring - big water," "Cloudy day on the Volga."

artists abroad XIX-XX centuries.

great painters turn of the century sought in his works the harmony and beauty, seeking to instill in others a sense of beauty.At this time there are new for Russia styles: Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Cubism, Suprematism.

VMVasnetsov is best known as a master of fairy tales.His best paintings stand out a good picture, the color is a secondary means of expression.The artist creates monumental paintings carrying the viewer into the world of dreams, among them "Alenka", "Heroes," "Ivan Tsarevich on the Grey Wolf."Just Vasnetsov wrote with well thought out historical scenes.The most famous of them are the work of "Tsar Ivan the Terrible."

IERepin with the earliest works distinguished himself as a versatile man.He worked in different genres, and he liked it.He could at the same time to write a completely different cloth.Among its folklore widespread product of the "Volga Boatmen".Here he denounces his modernity, exploitation of the people, but at the same time shows the power of ripening protest.In the genre of historical painting famous painting "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan", as well as the painting "The Cossacks writing a letter to the Sultan."

Unusual Russian artist KSMalevich became a symbolic figure not only for our country but for the world of art.He is osnovopolozhennikom style of Suprematism.The first picture is considered a "black box."The meaning of this trend is the complete irrelevance.Webs are filled with geometric figures, written with bright, pure colors.Suprematism was the main contribution of the artist in the history of art.