Superior quality - it is the brightness

Any artist show business should be bright.Just a beautiful girl with a good voice go unnoticed.Millions of girls and show business does not tolerate clones.It is because of the desire to seem bright performers are openly or strange outfits afford shocking antics and hit all his shows.However, it is compulsory to wear the dress of raw meat, like Lady Gaga, or arrange lewd dancing around like Miley Cyrus.Sometimes it is enough to come up with yourself or flamboyant style became famous for his acrobatic stunts during the song.

image - the second «I»

actor should be a memorable image, designed for a specific audience.You can not please everyone at once, so you need to choose what to liking.A striking image - a 50% success rate.It makes the person actor, makes it stand out among many.Reme
mber the famous hairstyles "The Beatles", "Moonwalk" Michael Jackson or extravagant outfits Cher.Whoever had these actors without their recognizable attributes?Just good performers.However, the presence of the image does not mean that the artist does not change throughout his career.But all these changes must take place in the selected style.Pop idol Madonna has repeatedly changed hairstyle, dress and stage shows.But she has always been Madonna - saucy, sexy, mysterious and somewhat aggressive.

PR - a way to stay afloat

no matter how vivid was the image of the artist, no matter how talented he may possess, sooner or later, interest in the newly-minted star begins to subside.This is a natural phenomenon.To warm up interest, the audience must be in constant anticipation of new products.To this end, experts involved in public relations.Unfortunately, the show business used all means to keep the list of celebrities.Most Popular PR moves - a custom news and interviews, photo shoots, filming and advertising, participation in the TV show.Sometimes PR are even relations between the two celebrities or their wedding.

can rely only on themselves

This is probably the most cruel law of show business.Indeed, in this glamorous world is not a place familiarly relations and universal love.Everything is simple - everyone is fighting for their place under the sun.In show business, there is friendship, but real affection is very rare.It can only arise between equals in importance persona - folk and honored artists, Hollywood actors recognized performers.They have already achieved certain heights and know their value.