painting - the oldest pictorial genre

arts originated at the dawn of humanity.This type of art can be attributed rock paintings found on the walls of caves.Even then, the ancient artists were trying to give the three-dimensional image using the paint.His paintings began to experience flowering of the Middle Ages - the development of religion required the appearance of master painters.Along with religious paintings, set the tone, there is a secular.Basically it was distributed portraits of kings and nobles.Later in the painting stands out several genres - landscape, marinistika, home and a fantastic painting, still life, animals, battle and historical paintings.
painting is widely used in art therapy in psychiatric patients.

Graphics - accuracy and clarity of lines

graphic works created with the help of lines, shadings and spo
ts.Typically, the image is performed in black.To draw using pencil, charcoal, ink and watercolor, ink and gouache.To schedule are etchings, lithographs and woodcuts.Making vignettes, endpapers and letters in the books - it is also the work of graphic artist.The youngest view of this art is propaganda posters.Some researchers refer to this art computer graphics - the image it also created using lines and equations, but can later be added to the color.

sculpture - monumental art

Sculptors aim at a realistic three-dimensional image of the human figure.There are round and relief sculpture.The first type can be considered from all sides, and the second is a relief protruding from the flat background.The work of the sculptor requires great care - first sketches the master works, and then settles, and then performs the layout of clay or wax.Most of the work is carried out strictly according to the layout.If the sculpture of sufficient magnitude, first performed a steel frame, and after the molded parts of the work.
Many kinds of art are intertwined.For example, painting is connected with the sculpture, and sculpture - architecture and arts and crafts.

craft and folk art - creativity in all its forms

craft and folk art combines many art forms that embody the artistic and utilitarian functions.This includes sewing, knitting, beading, fashion design, jewelry making, batik, quilting, etc.The works, made in the genre of arts and crafts, not only fulfill an aesthetic function, but also serve a practical purpose.

Art Photography - young art

This genre is the most recent.It allocated almost the same subspecies as in painting - portrait, landscape, animals, still life, etc.But at the same time there are new directions - wedding photos, nudes, advertising and photography.Availability of materials for photography and the prevalence of software for graphics processing makes this genre the most popular and fastest growing.