begin planning the exhibition of dolls from the determination of the type of the event (regular exhibition, fair or festival), as well as its subjects.Defining topic - an important aspect of planning, because a specific theme, such as "the history of dolls" or "puppet summer" makes the author's imagination to work in a particular direction.
Determine the opening date of the exhibition and the date of installation of the equipment.Very often, for example, when the exhibition of dolls at the arena, these dates do not coincide, since the installation requires quite a considerable time.Here it is to determine those responsible for the installation of equipment people, because if you entrust it to the authors, you get a mess.With r
egard to the period of preparation, you should begin planning for 4-5 months before the opening date.A shorter period to be inconvenient to the authors, who need time to make dolls, and more - by the organizers.
next stage - something without which it is a part of the exhibition organization - the room.There are two ways.First - rent a room, in which case you will have the right to take all the proceeds from the tickets themselves.The second way - the "zero rent", that is, the money for the tickets come to the cashier of the theater / arts palace / museum.
not necessary to hope that their equipment is in place, so think over this question in advance.It can be rented showcases and shelves or their own screens and booths invited authors.
Any exhibition of dolls - a chance for authors to become successful, so they would be interested in participating in this event.Develop conditions for the participation of the authors.They can pay a fixed fee to pay for the place, or you deduct a percentage of sales.Arrange the terms of participation as a treaty to protect themselves and the authors of the financial misunderstanding.
Authors - perhaps the most important part of the organization.To do this, use the media, the Internet, or the conventional print ads placed in areas of frequent occurrence of such people (School of Arts, specialty shops, and so on).Start search authors need to advance to the time of their contact with the advertisement they had time to prepare for the exhibition.
maintain contact with the authors to address you.Ask them to send the name of the work in advance to prepare a catalog with prices, as well as labels.Do not be afraid to indicate on the label the price - will scare away visitors rather the absence of a fixed cost of dolls.
Attracting visitors - is also a very important part of the event.It is worth to advertise in the media, as well as advertisements for 2-3 weeks before the opening of the exhibition.The cultural stratum of the capital read the newspapers, so the exhibition of dolls in Moscow should be covered in the media - invite journalists.
All proceeds from sales gather yourself.Calculations by the authors spend at the end of the exhibition - it will avoid fiddling with their hand (even artists are sometimes selfish).