future great composer was born in December 1770 in Bonn, the court musician in the family chapel.Ludwig's father wanted to turn into a "second Mozart" and forced to work almost around the clock.Prodigy of the boy did not happen, but he showed very early songwriting abilities.
In 1787, the young musician was in Vienna, where he was able to get acquainted with the great Mozart himself, who praised his talent.Unfortunately, a pupil of Mozart to Beethoven to become failed.Heavy mother's illness forced him to quickly return to Bonn.There he created a number of works, including a few songs, the most famous of which was the "Marmot".
In November 1972, Beethoven decided to move to Vienna, where he took lessons from many famous composers, including that of Antonio Salieri
, who later suffered unjustly accused of murdering Mozart.At the same time Beethoven concerts became active as a pianist and quickly gained fame stunning virtuoso.
In Vienna, Beethoven created his best piano and chamber works, among them - Sonata №8 («Pathétique"), Sonata №14, later became famous under the name of "Moonlight Sonata", and the famous violin sonata number9, better known as the "Kreutzer Sonata."
In 1797 Beethoven show signs of a terminal illness - progressive deafness.Despite this, in 1802 - 1812 years he created the greatest symphonic works, filled with ideas to overcome the sufferings and the victory of light began.Most vividly, they were embodied in the Third ("Eroica") and Fifth symphonies, the opera "Fidelio" Sonata №23 («Appassionata").
In the last decade of his life the composer's deafness became total, which could not but affect his state of mind.However, in this period, he manages to create works of genius.In 1823 Beethoven completed work on "Solemn Mass", which he described as his best work.
original result was the composer's Ninth Symphony, culminating in a chorus to the words of the "Ode to Joy" by Friedrich Schiller, which he had in his youth wanted to put on some music.The finale of the symphony full of pleas for peace and passionate rejection of war as a universal evil.
That evening, when the symphony was first performed, the audience arranged composer enthusiastic ovation.Beethoven was standing with his back to the room and could not hear it, but one of the singers took his hand and forced to turn to the admiring public.