nemesis - the patroness of justice

ancient Greek winged goddess Nemesis (Nemesis) - the personification of justice, rule of law, redress, the punishment for the offense of the law.It is a symbol of vengeance for the violation of the established order.The word "Nemesis" comes from the Greek ┬źnemo┬╗, which means "rightly indignant."

is believed that the goddess is not only to punish, but judge justly dispute or justify the innocent.To apply the attributes of Nemesis sword, whip, bridle, scales, a chariot drawn by griffins (a monster with lion and eagle heads, torsos).All this paraphernalia symbolizing punishment, balance and responsiveness.

goddess worship existed in Ramnunte (Attica), where it was called Ramnuziya.There she dedicated a temple near Marathon, where it was erected a statue of the sculptor Phidias.Also, the godde
ss worshiped in Boeotia and styled her nemesis Adrastea ("imminent") - the goddess of revenge for the conflict with the law.In ancient Rome, Nemesis was revered as the patron saint of soldiers and gladiators.She also mentioned by Homer in "Odyssey", but not personified.Images nemesis met in the various works of art: ancient amphoras, mosaics and others.

Biography nemesis

According to one version, nemesis is the daughter of Nyx (goddess of night) and Erebus (god of darkness).She was born in the penalty Kronos with other deities: Apathy - the goddess of deception, Hypnos - God darkest dreams, Eris - goddess of discord, Kerry - the god of destruction and Thanatos - God of death.In ancient versions, she is the daughter of the Ocean, and on the other - the daughter of Zeus and Themis.

According to some myths, Nemesis - mother and brothers Diokurov Helena, born from Zeus.The poem Stasino Nemesis tried to seize Zeus, who pursued her, both on land and in water, where it turned into a fish.

In the writings of the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, Aphrodite, at the request of the supreme god, turned into an eagle and pursued Zeus turned into a beautiful swan.Nemesis, perhaps it hid the swan on her lap and fell asleep.Zeus took her while sleeping.According to mythology, becoming a goose that laid an egg nemesis.He was found walking under Leda hyacinths (or a shepherd brought or tossed Hermes), which appeared Diokury and Elena.Last is the embodiment of vengeance of the gods to the human race.Elena, according to Cyprus, was the cause of the Trojan War.