Cartoons - favorite genre most people regardless of age, gender and level of education.But he is the most difficult for the creators, mainly because it is a connoisseur of children who do not explain their preferences, but choose only the best.At the same time cater to the adult director and screenwriter is also necessary if they want to create an animated film not for one year, but for decades.Such tapes created Soviet cartoonists certainly have a secret skill in this craft, because they remember and love the masterpieces until now.But the heroes of the cartoons, apparently, never leave in the past.

Top of the most popular heroes of the Soviet cartoons

1. Perhaps the first place in the popularity rating is rightfully Wolf and Hare from a favorite, "Well, wait a minute," directed by Alexei Kotenochkin.Cartoon characters - enemies and friends at the same time.They can not imagine on
e without the other, so they are "fused" in the long years of living together (the first series came out in 1969).And despite the fact that the wolf, according to the scenario, a negative character, the violator of law, order, scoundrel, his charm is so great that the audience, sharing the positive good-natured rabbits, falls more in the first.And some music in the show - just a fairy tale. Music for the best Soviet cartoons created by the authors of the country and almost always becomes a popular children's hit.
2. Another magnificent work of domestic animation is "The Return of the Prodigal Parrot" and its main character - Kesha, hero, symbolizing the full time.Voice Gennady Khazanov with his wonderful parody capabilities as well as possible approached egotistical, whimsical parrot, who wants to live in better conditions than it is.New cartoon series periodically appear until now.
3. Kot Matroskin from the magnificent trilogy - "Three of the Buttermilk", "Winter in Buttermilk", "Vacation in Buttermilk" - a character who not only love, but also constantly quoted.Phrases from the movie went on immediately after the quotation is not forgotten until now.Good, economical and never downhearted Matroskin certainly linger long in the hearts of its audience.
4. «A man in the prime of life" on behalf of Carlson, who got friends in the kid's masterpiece "The Kid and Carlson" instead of dogs - is familiar to every Russian man.He, no doubt, is one of the favorite characters.
5. Cheburashka - cute, carefree, naive character from the movie "Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka", created by talented children's author Eduard Uspensky and transferred to the cartoon world of Roman Kachanov.He really like the way kids and adults for many years.

Why we love the Soviet cartoons

For most of us started in the USSR kinogeroi and remains a favorite to this day, to them we are trying to involve our children, because unlike many of today's "masterpieces", they teach honestyand culture, as well as foster respect for adults. most famous Soviet studios are "Soyuzmultfilm" and "Screen".The most famous Soviet cartoons is the brainchild of the creative unions.
Remembering exciting and original characters Soviet multindustrii - domovenka Kuzyu, Winnie the Pooh, Leopold the Cat, Hedgehog and Bear and others would like to mention their charm and kindness, honesty and naivety, such, probably, need to create heroes for kidsto have grown decent people.