new breath in the history of Russian painting

Wanderers flow or how it is officially called themselves - Peredvizhniki, is a major milestone in the development of Russian painting of the second half of the XIX century.Peredvizhniki emerged as a counterweight and call the dead and lifeless Art Academy of Fine Arts - the state bureaucracies.Association of the Wanderers to become a new breath of Russian painting, and most importantly - the public was able to make art understandable to the masses.Neither before nor after any creative association did not manage to repeat anything like this.The Association of the Wanderers were lit and later gained international fame, many Russian artists, such as Ilya Repin, Al
exei Savrasov, Levitan, Vasily Surikov, Vasily Polenov, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Nesterov, Arkhip Kuindzhi and many others.These painters were able to raise Russian painting on a hitherto unprecedented level, to give a new vector of development for many years.

Causes Peredvizhnichestvo

There is no doubt that the Wanderers came at precisely the moment when it most needed society.In the 60s in the Russian Empire, the artists of Petrograd and Moscow formed a firm belief that art requires change.It was necessary to find a form of art, which would be able to combine as the creators and patrons, as well as the art itself closer to the viewer, making it more understandable.Therefore, the occurrence of such a partnership was only a matter of time.With his appearance could make the dream of several generations of artists prior to which it was a distant dream, which they have not been able to see firsthand during his lifetime.

Termination of existence Peredvizhniki

Peredvizhniki lasted until 1923, reaching a maximum of ten years earlier.Many failed to survive the shifting of the events of World War II and the bloody terror of 1917, after which their activity has declined.Never later than any Russian artist failed to reach the level that showed to the world Levitan or Surikov.Peredvizhnichestvo years of the culmination of the whole of Russian art, and the guiding star for all the children.