Salvador - El Salvador's brother

Salvador Dali had a brother who died when he was 7 years old.Impressed the artist as a child to feel the impact of this event.He imagined that it joined one of his brother and him, and as the family continued to love his brother also died, it turned out that he seemed to take his place.Dali wrote that he had to prove to himself that he was - it was not his dead brother killing brother within himself.Subject of Castor and P
ollux in the Special Part of his early paintings.

On the brink of madness

When El Salvador is growing, and crystallized his skill, which, together with fantasies so captures the mind of the artist, it is recognized that in some almost succumbed to madness.Soon Dali met Gala - the woman he had seen in his fantasies.Soon he copes with an obsession and begins to develop his "paranoiac-critical method", which allows to realize, embody and combine in one picture the strangest ideas.Reality and dream go hand in hand in his paintings, and find details of both - this is the task for the viewer.

One of the most famous sayings of Salvador Dali: "The difference between me and a madman is that I'm not crazy."

sexual aspect

Sexual fantasies and problems of the artist have been widely reflected in his paintings.He often writes his wife, Gala, with different elements of food, commenting on the fact that while he "wanted to devour her."Later, he began to write Gala with bread basket, which is embodied for Dali something almost divine, explaining that the gala in his hierarchy has risen so high that it has become a bread basket.


Dali was fascinated by the ideas of psychoanalysis.In his youth he read the works of Freud, and this is reflected in his paintings.He depicts his dreams as if invites the viewer to discover their meaning, using the methods of psychoanalysis.His painting with soft clocks, burning giraffes, and elephants handsets: all characters, each of which in the world of Dali had its value.


The world could not influence the impressionable man who gave always been.He was deeply moved by the world wars, the explosion of the atomic bomb and other events.All this is reflected in his paintings.He often portrays and religious subjects, interpreting them from the perspective of his own psychoanalytic mysticism.

Sam Daly explained that everything that happens in the world, gives him a deep insight, through which the artist intuitively understands everything that is happening around, capturing it in his works.

machinery and worship of the old masters

Although impulsivity and strange paintings that DalĂ­ created, he was always willing to rationalize many of his antics.His friend, the poet Garcia Lorca, said that Dali is unique though, because it keeps the coldness and clarity of thinking about things at the same time for him the subject of deep emotion.In the works of Dali is reflected, in particular, and his technique: he wrote photographic paintings, seeking in his technique to circumvent the recognized masters of Renaissance paintings.