Perhaps the most famous "non-standard" artists of the 20th century were Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.Both were born in Spain at the turn of 19-20 centuries, absorbed the spirit of change, which is embodied in the unlimited creative freedom.At the end of decades of their work is still full of unsolved mysteries and characters that causes controversy among the public.
paintings both Spanish geniuses are very different from the canons of traditional painting that allows the uninitiated audience brings them closer to the conditional form of art "not of this world."However, creative methods of Dali and Picasso characterize them as pe
ople who have a unique view of the world, which is reflected in the famous paintings.
Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso received a classical art education, but in the years of study surprised teachers unconventional approach to painting.Both artists were pioneers of modernist trends in art and traveling in Europe, have gained more and more supporters in the bohemian circles.Experimenting with color, shape, perspective, Picasso, along with Georges Braque became the founder of Cubism, Dali and not without reason, said: "Surrealism - that's me."
Pablo Picasso began his career as a portrait painter, working in the classical style, but soon announced the transfer of meaninglessness in the picture visible, the real world.Hence his attempt to look at the subject from different directions, shown in the picture at the same time all its faces.This is the calling card of Cubism - many facets and angles in the still-life and portrait even, why not just get to guess the picture for bulky geometric shapes.The artist alludes to the viewer as if that inner essence is always hidden behind a jumble of outer shells.
"Авиньонские девицы" Пабло Пикассо
Salvador Dali gone even further from the reality of traditional, highlighting the inner world.That is why his paintings are full of dream images and reflections complexes and fears of the artist.Endowed with a phenomenal erudition Dali codified in his paintings biblical and mythological motifs, much rethinking the traditional view of eternal scenes.
"Галатея со сферами" Сальвадора Дали