history of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican

history of this building is inextricably linked with the history of Christianity in general.In the time of Nero on the territory of what is now the temple, located circus, the arena is put to death all the worshipers and preachers of Christianity.According to legend, in 67 AD here he was to be executed the apostle Peter.Nero insisted that his execution was different from the death of Jesus and martyr crucified upside down.The disciples Peter dark night, his body was removed and buried in a nearby cave.After nearly 300 years on the resting place of Peter's Basilica was built, and only in the XV century began construction of St. Peter's Basilica.

in the design and construction of the building was attended Barmante architect, architects and masters of arts Raphae
l, Sangallo, Peruzzi, Michelangelo, and each of them brings something new to the project of the Cathedral, to realize their ideas and ideas in the decoration of the temple.After the death of the then Pope Nicholas V construction was suspended and resumed only in 1506.The square in front of the cathedral in the form of an ellipse, framed with a colonnade of 140 statues and an obelisk in the center, was established only in the middle of the XVII century.

What is remarkable St. Peter in the Vatican

Exterior building and its interior decoration are striking grandeur and majesty.The top of the facade of the cathedral in height more than 40 meters is decorated with huge statues of Christ and the apostles.Inside the building are five huge gates, but one of the entrances bricked up from the inside and open at intervals of 25 years, the day of Christ's birth.

total area of ​​the cathedral is about 20 000 sq.m, and the height of his vault - 44 m. The dome of Michelangelo, an altitude of about 120 m, there is an image of four apostles - Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.

main altar of the Christian church is located just above the place where St. Peter was buried, but he has not turned to the east, in other churches, and to the west.

multiple chapels in St Peter's Basilica are the tombs and tombs of the rulers of the empire and the Popes of different times, their statues and sculptures, Christian relics, including the Spear of Destiny, which was put to death, Jesus crucified on the cross.

Interesting facts about St. Peter

Despite the common misconception that this temple is the largest in area and height of the existing building, exceeding it by all these parameters - this cathedral in the capital of the African nation of Côte d'Ivoire, the city of Yamoussoukro.

in St. Peter, if we consider it as an architectural structure and no more, intertwined two opposing concepts - Greek and Latin, which are expressed in the method of execution of the cross as a symbol of Christianity.The Greek cross - a figure equilateral and Latin has a longer longitudinal bar.

Swiss Guards, who represent the armed forces of the Vatican, and on whose shoulders rests the protection order on the territory of St. Peter, dressed in a form that was created based on sketches by Michelangelo.