most famous road of death are in four countries: Bolivia, Mexico, Thailand and Russia - Lytkarino.

Hoary antiquity

most ancient road of death or, as it is called, The way of the dead or the Milky Way, is in Mexico and is one of the most mysterious monuments left to us by the Mayan Indian civilization.It takes it between the pyramids, which are much older than the Egyptian - in a place called in the language of the Indians of Teotihuacan.Its length of 5 kilometers and a width of 50 to 100 meters.

Located road of dead between two pyr
amids in the complex called the Feathered Serpent.There is an assumption that the roads in the area of ​​the dead, even under the unexcavated mounds, located a few pyramids that symbolize the ancient Indians known planets of the solar system - Pluto and Neptune.The whole complex of pyramids Indian mysteriously meets Egyptian pyramidal complex in Giza Valley, and also transmits a location on the map stellar three stars located in Orion's belt.On both sides of the street is a small pyramid, with a fourfold increase in the number of stages.The end of it leads to the steps of the Pyramid of the Moon.According to legend

road - a path that consists of cells, as well as the life of every person on Earth, which he passes're awake.All the cells are symmetrical, but we choose on which side will go and fill those cells contains so that the path we choose.In addition, symmetry symbolizes that you need to take this road together.

Roads wars of the 20th century

One of them is located in Bolivia and is a local landmark.Bolivia's death road connects La Paz, located on the hills of the Altiplano, with Coroico, in the Amazon jungle.The difference in height from one point to the other is 3450 meters, and open up more than 600 meters, with a width of the road no more than three meters.We build roads in the 30s of the last century Paraguayan prisoners of war.Parted her two cars is almost impossible, so it is now used by cyclists rather than by road.And yet, during active use, on it up to 300 people were dying each year.

Another military road of death - iron - was built on the bones of more than one hundred thousand people.Its construction has organized Imperial Japan during World War II.It lies between Bangkok (Thailand) and Rangoon (Burma).Participated in the construction of the Asian convicts and prisoners of the anti-Hitler coalition.The total length of 415 kilometers of roads, of which nearly 13 km it bridges.Construction Burma Railway has been recognized as a war crime.

road deaths in Russia

In Russia, there are a number of famous places that can claim to be the road of death, but the most famous of them is probably the "Road of Death" in Lytkarino.

Death can follow in any of the 5-kilometer section of the route from the highway to the entrance Novoryazanskoe Lytkarino.Why is fatal is that section of the route - it's a mystery for scientists and for adherents of psychic.Curse accidentally murdered on their wedding day the bride, whether a geological fault that effect on road users, but the fact remains - this is where a record number of road accidents.

A sense enclosed in ancient Russian folklore is simple: the roads that we choose may be different, but inevitably what to do without losses are impossible.And so it is arranged for the land that the road death can become a way of life.