At the end of the XIV century in Ulm, which has a population of 10 thousand residents, it was decided to build a huge Gothic cathedral, as it is called in Germany - Munster, what was not in any capital city in Europe.Money for its creation have given individuals.June 30, 1397 Mayor of Kraft Ludwig laid the foundation of the cathedral.

build structures very quickly and in 1405 the bulk of Munster is without a bell tower, spire was completed.But then the trouble started.The architects have not calculated the severity of the vaults, approaching the height of almost 100 meters, naves shaken, and all the construction nearly collapsed.This would lead to the destruction of the beau

tiful market square, the magistrate, the nearest houses.It would be a universal scandal.

Construction stopped and began to be strengthened construction.It succeeded, but the construction has risen again.And it was not in finance.Money was, there was no unity of the Church.

Germany widened Reformation.The Catholic religion was losing its positions.Rebel, a critic of papal rule in Rome in 1517 gave the young doctor of theology from Wittenberg University, Martin Luther.He demanded to reform the Catholic Christian faith, to bring it into line with the Bible, called immoral abuses of the Catholic Church, in particular the sale of indulgences.Thus arose Protestantism.Only after that in 1530 in Ulm Munster began to finish building.Now, he was considered a Lutheran.

In 1543 stroitelsvo stopped again, reaching a height of 100 meters.The schism in the Church Catholic and Protestant led to the fact that the funding ceased.Citizens Catholics did not want to make donations to the Lutheran Cathedral and the funds themselves Lutherans did not have enough for the Exaltation of the bell tower.Nevertheless, Munster already began to hold worship services.

Only after 300 years, local authorities have decided to bring the construction, begun in the XIV century to complete.And by 1890, Munster was ready.The room may be 22 thousand faithful at the same time, there are 2000 seats.