History of

The sea has always fascinated and lured people this great unsolved mystery drew and drew to itself.Thousands of years ago, the theme of the sea was first performed in arts and crafts.Much later, in the early 17th century, began to appear first seascapes, embodied in graphics and painting.All this was possible only because the narrow limits of the world for the people of Europe have expanded due to the rapid development of navigation.

first seascape paintings were made in the genre of historical batalizma and told the townsfolk about the intrepid sea voyages and glorious battles of famous galleys.Gradually species of sea battles and crashes on the backburner, and artists began to be interes
ted in only the most water elements and the variability of its states.Marinism - popular for romantic landscape depicting sea elements in its various states or the human struggle with it.

Russian marine painters

Artist, is open to Russian Marinism was IKAivazovsky.No wonder the sages insisted that a man is always a pleasure to look at the water and fire.Ever-changing sea, the rough, it is calm, its unique color and unbridled elements - all this is reflected in the works of the great painter.The famous Russian marine painter left behind a great cultural heritage.Most of the pictures painted by Aivazovsky, devoted to the sea, it is quiet and peaceful, bathed in the rays of the setting sun, the frantic and rapid.

own style of painting IKAivazovsky is produced by the 40-th years of the 19th century.It is gradually moving away from the classical rules of construction immutable landscape, skilfully using and upgrading the experience of Claude Lorrain and Maxim Vorobiev.Finally Aivazovsky creates a picturesque marina, where skilful hand of a professional passed staggering effects of water and foam, sea rarefied air and warm tones of the coast.A few large paintings "Among the waves," "The Ninth Wave", "Black Sea" recreate the majestic image of the sea with the typical story of shipwreck.

Aivazovsky painting had a great influence on the Russian landscape painters, especially in the hierarchy, Bogayevsky, Kuindzhi, Lagorio.Among all marine painters worthy place is occupied by the APBogolyubov, glorified in their marinas great Volga River, the banks of the Oka River, the Black and the Caspian Sea, the Gulf of beauty.