you need
  • - room;
  • - painting;
  • - advertising;
  • - special guests;
  • - sofas and a plasma TV.
If you want to organize gallery , then, first of all, choose a suitable location.To exhibited at the exhibition were a lot of visitors, open gallery in the center of town or in a big shopping center, where every day there are hundreds of people.
advertise your gallery in the media, the Internet and transport.Spread the tickets for the opening ceremony, will invite cultural workers.
Due to the high traffic you'll quickly recoup their expenses and will receive more and more offers from emerging artists.After all, it is extremely important to get acquainted with his creativity as much as possible people.
Make sure that your Gallery became not only a temple of art, but also a place where
people can communicate and develop.Let each visit to the exhibition will turn your guests into a small adventure.
main objective of the gallery - a demonstration of the paintings.But when that's about it, adults and especially children art becomes a burden.To avoid this, equip the gallery hall for workshops where renowned artists to share with visitors to the secrets of his skill.
from time to time invited to visit the musicians whose work resonates with the theme of the exhibited paintings.For example, if another exhibition devoted to American 50s, the opening of the Call at its musicians playing jazz.Music help to create an appropriate atmosphere and will take your guests to the United States mid-20th century.
Make a visit to the gallery is not only interesting, but also comfortable.Put comfortable sofas, in case someone from the older visitors get tired and want to sit down.
In winter, open the wardrobe to the guests were not in the hands of down jackets and coats.
Hang on one of the walls of the plasma panel, which will broadcast the latest news from the world of art, upcoming events, photo report on the previous exhibitions.
But, most importantly, in every way Demonstrate coming to you people that every visitor is important to you.Start with a sign "Welcome" at the entrance and further stimulate the desire to come back to you exactly discount cards, congratulatory letters to regular customers.