type of musical performance, "Nasheed" - a kind of hymn reproduced without using any musical instrument, it is peculiar to Islam and its religious traditions.Traditionally sung nasheeds only male representatives, who act either solo or in a choir.

Tradition and modernity

Musical Instruments may not be used for religious requirements and considerations.Theologians do not accept any extraneous sounds in songs.However, in modern Nasheed, contrary to tradition, yet a large number of areas in which still uses some instruments and other sounds.

Islamic nasheeds have poetic pronunciation.They melodic and even without musical instruments do not lose their sound.Nasheeds this does not appeal directed to future generations.They h
ave a long time to help the Muslims build a life and return to normal activities after certain situations, many claim that they are akin to internal meditation, which returns a person from the bustle of himself.


nasheeds At different times had different names.The first mention of them is found in the writings belonging to the beginning of the third century.Such chants referred kasaid or tagbir.Imams did not recognize nasheeds and considered them heretical, such as Imam Ahmad actively encouraged his followers not to get involved with this dubious innovation.However, this failed to stop the spread of nasheed.These songs contain lyrics that do not fit with the Muslim point of view, under the category of forbidden.

Muslims recognize that nasheeds become not as they were before.Previously, they contained the meaning of knowledge, Iman and Jihad.Now, however, the texts are increasingly traced notes of debauchery, which Islam can not accept is the sound of musical instruments.

According to traditionalists, the performers are increasingly prefer getting a suitable melody than sense.For them, the important musical quality nasheed than the preservation of meanings attributed to these songs many centuries.Today nasheeds executed even in English, which Muslims believe the manifestation is absolutely disrespectful attitude toward them.