of The Beatles recorded a wide variety of hits, the group is not, but its artistic heritage is alive and is expensive in all respects.Despite the severity of the US laws regarding copyrights and rights of inheritance (redemption share of inheritance), with a claim on the hits of "The Beatles" all very ambiguous. The Beatles was founded in 1960, it lasted only Fab Four 10 years, in 1970 they broke up, having to release 211 songs hits.

Michael Jackson and company Sony

is a known fact that in the mid-80s were put up for auction the rights to publishing the songs of the legendary group The Beatles.At the time of their respective owners became Michael Jackson.He bought them for $ 50 million.Based on this, he
received the right to own fifty percent of all profits for overall sales.The rest of the profits come at the expense of authors of musical compositions.In 1995, Michael Jackson decided to sell half of its rights over the well-known company Sony.Thus, by the time of his death, he was the owner of a quarter of the total revenue for the sale.

Statute of limitations

If we consider the copyrights of all the members of the group "The Beatles", it should be noted that they belonged to them for only 50 years.After this period, all the music became a national treasure. became known that expired in 2012 ownership of the right to hit their debut group, which is known to all music lovers called Love me do.It was written in 1962.

Three years ago, the EU Commission, which is responsible for the rights to musical works, has decided to extend the rights of members of the group for 20 years.The statement of claim for an extension of the rights has been filed with the International Federation of the recording industry.Based on it, the period should be extended for 45 years.However, the European Union decided otherwise.

Paul McCartney

Last year it became known that the legendary member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney has all the chances to get the rights to the songs, which are now the property of the late Michael Jackson.The law of copyright of America said that the authors of musical works, written before 1976, may become owners again after 56 years.Thus, Paul McCartney can regain the right to publish the songs of 1962 in 2018.