Features surrealism

Even before the emergence of Dada Surrealism features appeared in the works of Giorgio De Chirico and Marc Chagall.

forerunners of surrealism art called Hieronymus Bosch and Francisco Goya with their strange and bizarre way.A major role in the emergence of this trend also played Dadaism (from the French dada, which translates as "wooden horse for children").The representatives of this artistic movement rejected the systematic and integrity of the composition.They build their product using random items.

in surreal compositions as there is no order.There's all chance.Occurrence associated with surrealism existed in the early 20th century medical theory about the presence in human subconscious dark forces seeking to subjugate the mind.Surrealist painters were very passionate abou
t this theory, which is reflected in their paintings.His paintings they wanted to prove to the public that in the creation of their works participates unknown force, hidden in the depths of the brain.

figures of people and animals, a variety of items displayed on the paintings of the Surrealists as something unusual, resembling a strange visions and frightening dreams.These often frightening images may occur in the brain of a person who is under hypnosis or in a trance.

most famous surrealist painter

representatives of surrealism, Rene Magritte was a Belgian, whose paintings are filled with a strange way;Spaniard Joan Miro, depicting amazing creatures reminiscent of ancient letters and signs;Frenchman Yves Tanguy with his weird like beans frightening figures.In the spirit of surrealism and wrote a while Swiss artist Paul Klee.

Certainly one of the most prominent representatives of this trend is the Salvador Dali.He was born in 1904 in Catalonia, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.Great influence on the formation of his author's style had writings of Sigmund Freud and unusual painting by Giorgio de Chirico.

In 1929 Dali went to Paris, where he met with the surrealist painter.In his paintings dominated by strange images as if born to a sick imagination of the patient's psychiatric clinic.Despite its fantastic views, the figures in the paintings of Dali seem alive, almost tangible.So optically significantly he portrays them.

The artist's works are constantly repeated strange symbols associated with his personal life, his feelings and experiences.First of all, it is soft, as if made of fabric, clocks, bones, teeth, grand pianos and decaying human flesh, huge grasshoppers and ants, cutting tools. In 1973, Salvador Dali founded in Figueras his hometown museum.Here he spent the last years of his life.He died in 1989.

Due to political differences, supporting totalitarianism Salvador Dali in 1939 broke relations with other surrealist artist.Despite the break, he thought of himself as the true and only surrealist world.