10 and 11 June, the festival took place at multiple sites in the Tushino airfield.The first day of the concert opened with the not very successful weather - heavy rain.But despite that the musicians were able to warm up the room.The festival began with a presentation by the Russian group Biting Elbows.Then, on the stage, participants Therapy ?, the Irish team to play music in a variety of styles - from grunge to indie.After lowering the bar for them, but changing the style and mood, there Clawfinger - Swedish-Norwegian group, one of the most prominent and important representatives of the direction of rap-metal.Late in the afternoon of the first day Maksidrome there were those for whom, and many came from 50 thousand visitors.Almost hour set played The Rasmus.Finally, around 7 pm on the sta
ge headliners fifteenth Maksidrome - Linkin Park.They have already visited several festivals since the beginning of the summer, and therefore were in great shape.The band performed a half hour, that is played a full concert.Of course, he was accompanied by a pre-prepared stocks of appreciative fans.

June 11 viewers got a new batch of well-known names.The program was opened a sunny day project Everlast, aka Erik Sroda, blending the genres of rap and acoustic rock.He came to Maksidrom member of Oasis Noel Gallagher, though not as part of the legendary band, and a relatively new project Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.By the end Maksidrome organizers have prepared a bomb - The Cure.They spoke for three hours, thereby putting the record for the duration set in the history of the festival.

addition to the main Maksidrome acted on two additional scenes.One of them held a national music competition Chestars, which was attended by young, still not very well-known groups.In addition, a separate playground Radio Maximum, in which the radio DJs held competitions, allowing the crowd of thousands at a time apart from music.