ancient Greek gods often took human form and lived in a society like a human.They were subject to the usual emotions and too often intervene in the lives of people for their own benefit.The essential difference between gods and men was only in that the former were immortal.Each Greek city-state had its chief god and a pantheon of gods, and, depending on the location of the city-state, the characteristics of the gods could vary widely.

trace the lineage of the ancient Greek gods, is difficult because there are several myths about the creation of the world.But as a rule, a laurel branch in recognition of the issue decided to give the Greek poet Hesiod, who lived in the eighth
century BC and wrote Theogony - Genealogy family epic "The Birth of the Gods", explaining their origins.

Greek gods as the creation myth

According to Hesiod the process of creation and the emergence of the gods was as follows: of the unknown universe, out of nowhere came the god Chaos (emptiness), which became the basis of all - the basis of creation, birth of creativity.Chaos was so infinitely powerful, great and fruitful that istorgnul of several creatures - their children: Gaia - became the goddess of the earth and the foundation of all things, Tartarus - the god of the abyss and non-existence of twins Eros and Anteros - the god of love and carnal desires and God's deniallove, Erebus - the god of darkness and the Knicks - the goddess of the night.

Gaea was so attractive and beautiful that wily Eros - the only one who was not in the highest divine pantheon of their own children, did his best to arouse the desire to have a father to his daughter.

From the union of Chaos and Gaea was born the god of heaven Uranus, symbolizing the masculine, and then a host of titans: three storukih monsters, giants with fifty heads and three one-eyed monsters, Cyclops, all of them Uranus forever banished to his uncle Tartarus, and onlyThe following six sons and as many daughters stayed with Gaia: Ocean, Coy, Kriya, Hyperion, Iapetus, Cronus, Fairy, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe and Tefe.

most cunning of them was Chronos (the god of time).It was his mother Gaia persuaded avenge cast into oblivion the children.It was he deposed from the pedestal of his father and became the ruler of the world, and then he married his sister Rhea, became the father of many children, who devoured one by one.

Only one newborn inconsolable Rhea tricked managed to save - that was Zeus.And that he later avenged his father, Cronus swallowed by releasing brothers and sisters, but thereby unleashing one of the first and terrible war in heaven and on earth - war with the Titans from Mount Olympus.In this war, the sky collapses on the ground and she was shaking and moaning in terror and sorrow, the ocean out of its banks and threatened to flood everything in its path, the mountain collapsed, and even Olympus almost rend and toppled into Tartarus.

Era gods winners

It is the children of Zeus began his saviors, lovers, enemies and comforters.They helped him to defeat the Titans and set the power to add, the division of spheres of influence between the numerous relatives Thus brother Zeus, Poseidon became the ruler of the seas, and Hades the underworld (the world of the dead).

Because before the children of Chaos fruitful and multiply without getting tired, then, in the end, each of them found their job.His children Knicks (darkness) and Erebus (night) was born many children, among them: Ether (light) and Hemera (Day), chromosomal (death) and Moore (sleep, hopelessness), Eris (strife) and Nemesis (Vengeance is mine), Geras (Old Age), Charon (the ferryman of the dead), the three Furies - Alecto, Tisiphone, Vixen - and a few nymphs Hesperides.

They, and many children of Zeus by three wives, seven official mistresses, lovers, several thousands of darkness, and began to rule the world.Since there were many - that there are so many - and all they had to put it mildly tough-minded, war and strife between them did not abate, crashing from time to time of death - people.From which, by the way, the gods also had babies - the demigods, performed their feats, enjoy life, fall in love and fighting for love, glory, and simply because it could not fight.

creating their myths, Jack, spreading and sent to Hades most passionate hero-gods, the ancient Greeks created thereby complete the divine family, where all the family members were not tolerated "foreigners" - but only in the native land of the Greeks.Conquering other territories to colonial lands, the Greeks willingly administered on a divine pantheon of new - local gods, connecting them with the Olympians.