Calliope - the eldest of the sisters of the Muses.Translated from the Greek her name means "prekrasnogolosaya."Calliope - patron of epic poetry and philosophy.Depicted usually waxed planks or scroll and stylus (pencil for writing).
patronized Euterpe of lyric poetry and music.Her name translates to "cheer."Depicted with a flute in his hands, because it is the instrument most closely able to repeat the sounds of nature.According to mythology Euterpe - the mother of the Greek king Rees, defender of Troy, who was killed by Odysseus and Diomedes.
Terpsichore - the muse of dance and choral singing, "enjoying the dances."Sometimes portrayed dancing, but mostly sitting and playing the lyre.Terpsichore was intended to teach people to
express their thoughts and moods through movement, to open people's harmony between body and soul.
Melpomene - the patroness of the tragedy.Genre tragedy played an important role in educating civic spirit among the Greeks.Her name means "singing".Melpomene is portrayed in the mantle on his shoulders, and wearing a crown of vine leaves or ivy leaves on his head.In one hand she holds a mask in the other - a mace or sword.According to legend, it was born from the Melpomene siren - nymphs who, by their beautiful voices lured sailors on the reefs.Muse became a symbol of theater.
Thalia - muse of comedy, known for its beauty.Depicted in light clothing, with a wreath of ivy on his head in her hands she holds a comic mask.Name Thalia means "blooming".
Erato - the muse, patronage love poetry.Her head is decorated with a wreath of roses in the hands of the lyre and the Muses plectrum.The name of the muse comes from the name of Eros - the god of love and pleasure.It inspires people to sublime love daruyuschuyu wings.
Polyhymnia - the muse of hymns and solemn music.He portrayed tightly wrapped in clothes, with a wreath of roses in her hair, sometimes holding hands lira or scroll.This muse - the keeper of solemn songs, hymns and ritual dances praising the gods of Olympus.
Clio - the patroness of science history, its name means "giver of glory."In her hands she holds a tablet - a board with writing.Muse has inspired poets who have written about the heroic feats and battles.According to legend, Aphrodite Clio ridiculed for being too strong love for Adonis.As punishment, the goddess of love inspired the muse of the poet Piura.From his birth to a son Hyacinth Clio - a young man of extraordinary beauty.In Greek mythology, Hyacinth vied for the love Zephyr and Apollo, Zephyr was killed out of jealousy.At the place where the drops of his blood fell, rose a beautiful flower named after him.
Urania - the patroness of astronomy.In her hands she holds a globe and compass, which in ancient times was determined by the distance between the stars.Muse revered and navigators, who were guided by the stars during his wanderings.