Among the famous statues all over the world have the Brussels Manneken Pis, the growth of which is about 50 centimeters, the famous New York Statue of Liberty, a height of 93 meters with the pedestal.But most of all in the world of Buddha images.They are not only the most numerous, but also the highest.

highest female sculpture in the world

The highest female statue in the world at the time of writing (2014) is a sculpture of the goddess Guanyin.Located in China's creation on the island of Hainan.As befits a goddess, she is not easy emblazoned on a pedestal, and protects the country and its inhabitants.Goddess Kuan Yin - Bodhisattva, attained enlightenment in life, in which she suffered a lot of
suffering.According to legend, she was a princess, who gave up everything and went to the monastery.Its statues symbolize the compassion and generosity.In the sculpture three identical, interchangeable side.One person she looks to the island, the other two are aimed at the sea horizon of the South China Sea.The height of the goddess Guanyin 108 meters and it is the fourth highest in the world ranking.

construction was 6 years and was completed in 2005.As it should be in the case of the religious statues at the grand opening of the island arrived Chapter clergy.Since the height of the sculpture is 108 meters, the opening day of the statues depicting the goddess Guanyin, it was invited 108 Buddhist monks.Each of them was the leader of the religious groups of different regions of China.

Five highest female sculptures world

tell you the truth, women become much less than men.Among the religious leaders fall sculpture.Apparently, for the sake of divine blessing and support people are ready for more.

The five highest female sculptures, not including the height of the pedestal include:
5. The composition of "Motherland Calls!", Volgograd, Russia (85 meters).
4. The statue of the goddess Canon City ashibetsu, Japan (88 meters).
3. A religious bronze sculpture of the goddess Guanyin, the city of Changsha, China (99 meters).
2. The statue of the goddess Canon, Sendai, Japan (100 meters).
1. The sculpture of the goddess Guanyin, Sanya, China (108 meters).

highest statue in the world

highest statue in the world has a height of 128 meters without the pedestal, and the total height is 153 meters.It is a sculpture of Buddha Vairochana Spring Temple.It is situated in China, Henan Province.The statue was opened in 2002, the construction took about 18 million dollars.No less popular and very Spring Temple Buddha Vairochana in addition, there are a few religious sculptures, as well as the hot springs with healing shestidesyatigradusnoy water.