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Baroque Baroque architecture can be found throughout Europe and in some countries on the American continent.Just like other forms of art, architecture inherent national traits that are reflected in the Baroque style.

Thus, the Italian Baroque, which gave rise to the style as such, reflects the desire of the Holy Fathers express the power and splendor of the Church.It originated in powerful churches with a high dome resting on twisted columns in raznotsvete luxury marble and frescoes.All these features have been introduced in the secular architecture.A striking example of Italian baroque - Trevi Fountain in Rome.French Baroque although characterized by an abundance of luxurious details, more ordered and symmetrical.Symbol of French
Baroque - the Palace of Versailles.An example of a typical English Baroque - St. Paul's Cathedral.English Baroque and combined forms of organization with the power of the Italian French.Spanish Baroque frequent in Latin America, characterized by its numerous sculptures and Moorish motifs.All can be found in the famous California Casa del Prado.In Germany and Eastern Europe, the luxury of the Baroque became more air, flying.Pale colors and forms of flexibility was later called late Baroque or Rococo.In this style is built the famous Winter Palace.
By the famous architect working in the Baroque style, are Giacomo Zanetti, Pietro Antonio Trezzini, Domenico Egidio Rossi, Johann Gottfried B├╝ring, Thomas Archer and many others.

Common features of Baroque architecture

For buildings in the baroque style characterized by repetitive high arched or ovular doors and windows, arches, high stairs, twisted columns.Long colonnade allows architects to create a vivid contrast between the light and space, show as the first impact on the perception of the latter.Large, complex murals are also typical of this style, as well as mural-l'oeil that mimic architectural details and landscapes.The buildings themselves - a simple form, rectangular or square, but the inner power and beauty is achieved through the addition of external elements.The favorite colors in baroque architecture - a tan or pale cream.
Baroque - the first style in art, which is characterized by unity of purpose.The architects worked together with sculptures and artists, initially creating a single creature.

How do I find a Baroque building

Look for luxury houses, Baroque was born in wealth and abundance, as a symbol of power and strength, so it is easy to identify on the "road" meant.Look for the building with lots of tall windows, twisted columns, arches and symmetrical towers.For the characteristic lush baroque facades of buildings that occupy the entire front of the building.Look for statues and murals, placed in the most inaccessible places.