you need
  • books and other media.
Consider the theme of your book exhibition.It should have its own library address, that is, who is framed for the exhibition: for gardeners, parents, etc.For the identification and selection of books and documents for the exhibition use bibliographies.
Once you've picked up all the books, articles and other media, check with them.Choose the ones that fit your purpose of the exhibition.Give preference to those documents that contain new information and have an attractive appearance.
develop a framework for future exhibitions.It depends on the number of books and the places where it will be located.The exhibition should not be too
overloaded.Each document must be accessible to the public.
determine the structure of the exhibition, go to the selection of the title.It should be catchy and fit the theme.5 words would be sufficient.You can use the winged words of aphorisms.Define section names, choose illustrations, quotes.Font must meet the content of the exhibition.For example, for an exhibition about the war pertinent strict font.
For the exhibition, you can use the following items: posters, reproductions of paintings, portraits, a variety of items to help re-create the image of a person or the era.
Start with the order of exposure.Books vary in shape, tone and graphic images.You use these differences for effective perception.
Alternate books in tone - dark, light cover.This alternation of stress and help shade each subsequent book.
consider the size of the books.Larger books exhibited in the center of the shelf.Or alternate - first large book, the next - smaller format.Do not place books on ascending or descending order of size.Do not put one book to another.Can you identify the most important book - to put one on the shelf in the unfolded state.
The exposure from the book - put it in the enclosed form and attach a card with an indication of the author, title and pages.Newspaper articles placed on exhibition uncomfortable.Make a copy, which indicates the author, title and source.
used in the design of the book exhibition is not more than three colors.The color helps to create a certain mood.Young people like contrasting combinations, the elderly - a muted, calm tones.If you choose to highlight or bring a certain book, put it on a stand of red.To promote the book fair to make a poster-ads, hand individual invitations to future visitors.