Translation Studies series at the moment a huge amount.They are engaged and professional studio, and fans, and fans, when they can not find a translation of his favorite series.The good opportunities for that today's Internet users very much.However, not all versions of the translation or voice serials are like.What's the deal here, and how to choose the best option to not give up on the series?
Traditionally, the best is, of course, an official translation of the series.To do this, the channel on the television buys the rights to the series from a foreign company, after which the translators handle text, and the studio is being recorded voice.Such a translation is considered to be the best because it carries a large team of professionals.For voice selected well-ch
osen actors who know their business and are recording on quality equipment.Watch this series nice, although many critics still find fault even in the work of professional translators.Record this series - a painstaking and lengthy process, so there it is not immediately after the show abroad.Many fans do not stand idle, so look for a different translation.
In this case, viewers are turning to the result for the huge number of amateur and semi-professional recording studios that exist on the Internet.Their professionalism is increasing over the years, so among them at the moment, you can find a very pleasant and high-quality translations serials.
necessary to consider what to say which of these best studios, it is impossible for several reasons.First, they translate a large number of TV series, so some of the work is better on some worse, and some TV shows are not obtained at all, and work on them stops.It also depends on the reaction of the audience: is the story of heroes for their popular or her interest in the unit.
Second, personal preferences also play a role: some viewers may not like the voice from some companies, although work on the season, held at the highest level.And finally, thirdly, this estimate also depends on whether the series watch.There is no one better than the studio "Courage-bomb" translated comic series, such as "The Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother."The series "House MD" is advised to look only in the translation studio LostFilm, while "Dexter" is best translated from NovaFilm.
Overall, among the most popular recording studios and translation are the following: LostFilm, NovaFilm, NewStudio, ¬ęCourage Bombay", "cube in a cube."When viewing a particular show best from the beginning to decide which translation and voice like the audience most.Make it simple enough, almost each of these studios has its own site with a set of TV series on it.