series of films about Rocky Balboa has millions of fans around the world.Contractor starring Sylvester Stallone managed to perfectly play a simple guy, uncomprehending many subtleties of life, but are willing to do anything for their loved ones.Scenes of battles in the ring presented so beautifully that many viewers get used to the image of Rocky, feel his pain and feelings to yourself.

first film series about Rocky Balboa Stallone brought fame (he was the screenwriter of the film).After that he became one of the highest grossing actors of our time.The budget of the first film was only $ 1 million., The charges amounted to 260 million unique.The film's success is largely due to the implementation of the Rocky boxing "American Dream", with zero success
through perseverance and talent.


2001 film about the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali.Will Smith, who got the main role, was able to so masterfully show distress and psychological drama of Ali, which he was awarded for his work "Oscar" for Best Actor.

The personality of Muhammad Ali is a cult around the world.It was a unique black boxer who preaches Islam, defending the weak and indignant over the war in Vietnam.The script also includes a friendship with Ali religious leader Malcolm Iksom.Will Smith was able to demonstrate the difference between alter-ego (the second "I") Cassius Clay from the other boxers in the world."Ali" - one of the few deep drama about boxing, recognized and ordinary viewers and professional film critics.

«Live Steel»

unconventional film about kickboxing, martial arts, and the future.Masculine Gerard Butler, bright quality animation script and did their job - not every good movie can cause so much joy and empathy heroes.In a world of "Living Steel" people love to watch the fights robots, machines with programmed intelligence.The son of a famous boxer learned to manage a simple robot and decided to challenge the "machine-killers" to earn enough money to stay with his father.

«American Shaolin»

The list of films that represent the culture of martial arts of the East, "American Shaolin" is rightly recognized as one of the best.In the story, a young man Luke humiliating losing at competitions in kickboxing.He decides to take revenge and goes to the famous oriental monastery.Mentors teach Luke, but it gives them a lot of hassle.He is in every way "corrupting" the other disciples magazine Playboy, American football and rock n 'roll.Trained, Luke returned to America and re-enters the competition in kickboxing ...