you need
  • - player;
  • - CD-disks with recordings of works by Rachmaninoff.
If you are not very well versed in academic music, but would like to get acquainted with the works of Rachmaninoff better, start with piano works.This is the famous "Etudes-pictures" and "Prelude".They play a lot of pianists, including outstanding, so to find these pieces in a good performance fairly easily.Remained including recording of Rachmaninoff.Piano Sonata a little more difficult to understand, but also very beautiful.There are two Rachmaninov.For the same tools to write a loop variations - on the theme of Corelli and Chopin's "Musical Moments" and a few small pieces of cycles for one and two pianos.In addition, Rachmaninoff did quite a lot of transcriptions of famous works of other
composers - Bizet, Kreisler, Schubert.The most famous is his transcription of "Flight of the Bumblebee" NARimsky-Korsakov.
From works for piano and orchestra is best known Rachmaninov "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini."Apart from it, the composer has four concertos for piano and orchestra.
Rachmaninoff was a conductor and a fine.He wrote a lot of works for symphony orchestra.These are the three symphonies and the famous symphonic poem "Isle of the Dead," "Caprice bohémien" and "Prince Rostislav," symphonic fantasy "cliff" suite "Symphonic Dances."
Sergei Rachmaninoff left and several operas.This "Aleko" on the plot of Pushkin's "Gypsies", "The Miserly Knight" as the plot ASPushkin, "Francesca da Rimini".In addition, the composer's pen belong to other large vocal-orchestral works - the poem "The Bells" for soloists, chorus and orchestra, Russian songs, choral works for women's and children's voices.
fond of Rachmaninoff and choral works.Especially gorgeous his Liturgy of St.John Chrysostom.And often performed the cantata "Spring".As for the vocal chamber works, written by the well-known songs belong to Rachmaninoff,
As for stringed instruments, their loved Rachmaninoff not so much as a piano.However, he left some interesting works, which to this day performed by leading musical groups and soloists.This G minor Sonata for Cello and Piano, several violin pieces, Elegiac Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano, two string quartets.
The artistic heritage of Rachmaninoff vast and diverse