build narrow building makes not only the high cost of land, and population density.This problem is very urgent in Japan, China, and in major European cities in the account each square meter.But overly narrow building, brought to life by similar problems, can become architectural masterpieces.


The capital of Poland is one of the contenders for the title of the narrowest house in the world called Keret House.Unusual building built in 2010, and received the name in honor of its first tenant - Israeli writer E.Kereta.

size of the building is really impressive its miniaturization.At its widest point the width does not exceed one and a half meters, and in the narrowest even reaches a meter - the minimum width is 90 cm.

Of course, such a house would not be suitable for large family, but he is not calculated.The bedroom in the house is only one, and it is necessary to climb the stairs.The roof is made of transparent plastic, successfully replaces a window.

Netherlands and the United States

building situated along the canals of Amsterdam, far from the Polish architectural masterpiece, but they also did not differ in width.The reasons are economic: the estate tax is calculated depending on the area occupied by the house, so "stretched tall" building a more advantageous than sprawling on the ground.The champion among Amsterdam narrow house is considered to be one of the main attractions of the Dutch capital - a house on the street Singel width of 1.8 m.

major US cities - New York - was founded by Dutch settlers, he even called the original New Amsterdam.The Dutch brought here their architectural tradition, so narrow houses in New York a lot.For example, in Manhattan in 1873 the house was built in width less than 3 m. In spite of such modest size, it used to be quite successful could accommodate a shoe shop, confectionery and art studio.Currently, this is a house with three bathrooms and three bedrooms.Architectural marvel estimated at $ 3.5 million.

Another American narrow house was not built for economic reasons, but "to the dispute."A resident of California set out to prove that he could build a house on a plot of 3 to 5 meters. And he really built on such a narrow space of a three-storey house with two bedrooms, called Long Beach.


save space problem is particularly acute in the Japanese capital Tokyo.There overly narrow building can be considered the norm rather than a miracle.The width of these buildings is often less than m.Locals call them "domino Godzilla."There
among these buildings and masterpieces - for example, building a laconic name "House in Tokyo."If you look at the building from the end, it looks like a space rocket.The similarity is compounded by beautiful lighting at night.