Modern United States can not be imagined without hot dogs, chewing gum ... and the Statue of Liberty, which has become a kind of symbol of America and one of the most famous sculptures of the modern world, donated, as you know, the people of France in the first centenary of the American Revolution.

Liberty with the parent entity

create this monumental work of art was entrusted to architect Auguste Bartholdi for money, with great difficulty collected from donations and various charity lotteries.Is a known fact that the sculptor used the services of the American Artist's Model, wife of Isaac Singer Isabella Boyer, however, the person has been created in the image and likeness of the famous faces of the mother of the creator.

The project is based on the development made by the sculptor for a giant E
gyptian monument.For the design of the inner frame I took Gustave Eiffel. And by the summer of 1884, almost ten years after the beginning of the work, it presented itself in the splendor of the world in the way in which today we can observe it.

350 individual elements of the statues were transported to the harbor of New York City, on the island of Liberty Island, which became the new residence of the famous creation, symbolizing the triumph of freedom and democratic way of life.Lady Liberty - the so-called statue height of 93 meters, hundreds of thousands of Americans.


grandiose project for many years welcomes newcomers immigrants, inspiring them with the words, carved on the pedestal, which marks the American way of life, equal opportunity, freedom and democracy.That is why the statue is turned back to the city and the front part of the bay: it was to look at the idea of ​​sailing ships here with immigrants and visitors.

the right hand of the statue is a huge torch in his left hand - a sign on it perpetuated the date of the adoption of the declaration of independence, the teeth of the crown represent the seven seas and continents, the broken chain - freedom from slavery.
interesting that the sculpture has a huge number of imitations and thumbnails that are all over the world there are more than two hundred.

Over the years, the statue has survived numerous restoration work and was even included in the UNESCO list, changed its color from copper and gold to green, has survived many destructions and disasters, however, closer to the monument again and againmillions of people are realizing that touch the great history of a great country.