Award "Steppenwolf", named after the novel by Hermann Hesse, awarded for musical achievement since 2008.The nominees of this award selects consisting of journalists and critics Council, and the winners are determined by a survey of experts.According to one of the founders of "Steppenwolf" critic A. Troitsky, it is the only music awards, which are awarded for the talent.

nomination "Debut" sympathy experts were on the side of the St. Petersburg team Ifwe, playing in the genre of indie pop.The group, established in 2011, recorded a debut album "All my joy", produced by an independent Russian label "Snegiri" in the summer of 2012.

Figurine Wolf got the group "Red Banner division nam
ed after my grandmother", whose track "Astronauts" from the mini-album "Oboe" won the award for "Song".Moscow indie orchestra of 13 people walked recording other nominees, among whom were the songs of the group "Aquarium" and "DDT".However, these groups also did not go unrewarded.

the winner in the category "Album" was the CD "Otherwise", released by the group "DDT" in autumn 2011.The concept of the first two parts of the album several critics compared with the ideas characteristic of the disk group The Wall Pink Floyd.The second part of the "other" is a collection of songs recorded in different years.Moscow show group was considered worthy of a victory in the nomination "Concert".

In the category of "The Voice" was the winner of the St. Petersburg group Chikiss singer Galya Chikis, for which critics acknowledge the wonderful romance and the ability to work in different genres.The prize in the "text" left the project in the style of rap 'em the Bird ", created by the participants of the Yekaterinburg group" 4 Positions Bruno "Nicole Alexander Babakov and Sitnikov.In the category of "Music" winner was the guitarist Paul Dodonov working with Andrew Lysikova, better known as Dolphin.

cover artwork "Disappointment of the Year", the second album released by the Moscow group NRKTK, experts recognized a worthy victory in the category "Design".In the category "Video" was voted best director Andrei Ayrapetova clip made for the song I Awoke group Scofferlane.Video filmed at the club China-Town-Cafe, which was awarded in the category "restaurant".In the category of "film" the winner was the musical comedy Sergei Lobanov "Chapiteau Show", marked in 2011 with a special prize of the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival.

In 2012, the "Steppenwolf" there was nominated for "Musical Resources."The winner in this category was declared portal resource is a literary and musical works by section on a "pay as you want."Such a principle of content distribution is different from the traditional one in which an intermediary between the listener and the creator are the shops and record companies.

In the category of "Media" sympathy experts awarded the magazine "Billboard" and in the "Internet" worthy "Steppenwolf" was a joint project and «Re: Aquarium", dedicated to the anniversary of the group.

winner in the "catalyst" was the leader of the established in the late 70-ies in the Moscow group "Center" Vasily noise known as a poet, musician and creator of projects in the field of photo and video art.

The category with the enigmatic title "Something" was awarded the title of laureate of the project Vasya Oblomov, Leonid Parfenov, and Ksenia Sobchak.Premiere of the first clip in the style of rap, recorded the participants of this project took place in the broadcast channel "Rain" in early 2012.Song on behalf of the Russian people, which was published on the service YouTube, won for the first few days more than a million views.