sense of harmony

a creative characteristic desire for harmony.Sometimes he seeks this feeling in the most unexpected places, arranges things in their own way, or looking in the crowd extraordinary man.Nature is harmonious in itself.Vintage dark corner of the park or woods with old trees and a lazy river are able to create a sense of harmony and impressionable man.

changing light

Nature is constantly changing.The same area looks different not only in winter, spring, summer and autumn, but at different times of the day.You can paint it every day, and drawings will not repeat each other.Bright colors dawn July, pastels rainy day, long mysterious shadows in the hour of sunset, clouds, similar to the mysterious creatures excite the imagination and make the artist a
gain and again take up the brush.


state of nature is always in harmony with the mood of the person.They seem to complement each other, and in any combination.Rainy autumn day is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, but a man can fall and unexpected joy that can be painted in a new world.The artist, in any case, will benefit.Mimicking nature, and it will give your mood.It is in any case will be in harmony, even if the state of mind and the view from the window seemed to contradict each other.Autumn rain can not only be a gray and boring, but happily flashing with rainbow colors.

free verse

Artist draws in nature and that it is not always a man under authority.Perhaps the paintings depicting the indomitable force of nature, even more than the idyllic pastoral landscape.Rain, storm, volcanic eruption not only frightening, but also admire.They are beautiful in their own way, and therefore, are able to attract the most attention of the artist.


corner of nature depicted on his canvases not only the landscape painters, but also those who prefer the genre of portraiture.Portraitists often put their characters in the garden, on the bank of the stream, in the field.This allows not only to the maximum extent in order to acquaint the viewer, who is depicted in the portrait, because it is by what surrounds man can be judged on hobbies, profession, age, but also provides an additional opportunity to create the right mood in the viewer.Pictures of nature visitor of the exhibition can be seen on the genre paintings.Sometimes they are written with documentary precision, creating in the viewer a sense of belonging, the penetration in that era and the country where they lived these characters.