All music played on instruments that are so diverse that it is difficult to describe in a few words.It happens ensemble, orchestral and solo.Among the genres that use tools, can be called classical, jazz, post-rock, and different processing arrangements.
Despite the fact that categories such as electronic and instrumental music, often opposed, sometimes certain types of electronic music is considered instrumental, if not used in the compositions of the human voice.This is a contradiction, but it is taking place, it is useful to know about it.
The instrumental music used a variety of tools.In most cases bands or different music formation, for example, quartet, quintet and others.But any music played on a single instrument, even without vocals, is also consid
ered instrumental.
instrumental music people love with the past.According to archaeological data, the age of the most ancient musical instruments, is about 40 thousand. Years and this flute.They found the south-western part of Germany in the cave of Hohle Fels.The ancient Greeks were already known to fans of instrumental music.Plato remarks in his writings that the citizens more to your taste has to instrumental music stringed cittern and the lira, but the villagers prefer to wind instruments: flute.
development of European instrumental music was somewhat complicated by the fact that for many centuries the church belonged almost a monopoly on the performance of musical works.Almost all the music was religious, so she gave thanks to God, so it used the vocals.We know, even saying a religious leader on the topic: "The tool no soul, no life.They can not praise God. "However, even instrumental music does not cease to exist.
But the Dark Ages ended, the time of the Renaissance, when the fine arts, including instrumental music, are again under scrutiny most people.Since that time, the music is developing very actively, and, instrumental form developed jointly with the vocal and instrumental, they march hand in hand, and one is not conceivable without the other.