The origins of the festival takes in 2006.The event is so fond of the guests and participants, that it began to be held regularly.The festival is held every year one (in summer) or two (summer and winter) per year.Archstoyanie Polissky Nicholas was founded, which later ceased to be engaged in this project.

place for the festival chosen by chance.Nikola-slothful - a unique platform under the open sky.It is believed that this is where the famous standing on the Ugra.Now Nicola sluggard - a picturesque park, inspiring architects to create their masterpieces.

Archstoyanie offers its participants to show imagination.The compositions presented at the festival are not separate entities, they do not oppose themselves to nature
.The sky, fresh air, the landscape - it all becomes part of the created object of art.It is impossible to imagine the same facilities elsewhere, so they fit perfectly into the landscape.Art objects are created from a variety of natural materials: grass, straw, wood, snow, vines.Some of them are just decoration, but others quite functional - swing, rafts and even the art toilets.Songs interact not only with nature, but also with the audience.In most of them you can get a ride.

Most of the works belong to the once fashionable towards land art.This kind of landscape design originated in the US in the sixties of the last century.The essence of this trend is that the landscape becomes part of the work.The artist can leave his work for a long time outside, and then participated in the creation and composition of natural forces.Gradually, the popularity of the West land art came to naught.Archstoyanie - one of the few places where you can admire the work done in this style.