Italian historians and art historians explored archives workshop Simone Petertsano, which Caravaggio studied from 1584 to 1588 years.Scientists were convinced that some of them should be, and student work of the great artist, whose full name - Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.They had to examine more than a thousand works to divide them into several groups on stylistic grounds, and then digitize and enter into the computer.With the help of computer technologies the Italians were able t
o identify similarities stories, faces and figures of some sketches with the later paintings of Caravaggio.Total of student drawings and later use the wizard turned 83. Of course, such a large archive of newly discovered works by the artist is valuable not only for historians and art historians.Experts have already made a preliminary assessment of the value of all auction found and named a huge amount - about 700 million euros.

This is not the first such discovery of paintings by Caravaggio - in the tumultuous life of the great Italians had a lot of paintings, which lost the trail.More recently, in 2007, Englishman Denis Meyhon after several examinations found that they purchased at auction, "Sotheby's" anonymous artist painting is in fact a previously unknown work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Great Italian is considered the ancestor of a new direction in European painting XVI-XVII centuries, the distinctive feature of which is the realism and simplicity of composition.He even called a reformer and rebel against the prevailing trends of his time painting - Mannerism and academic.And of Caravaggio's contemporaries called reckless rude, nevertheless rejoicing life in all its manifestations.