lot of noise was made about the news that Alla has once again become a mother.And just twice, to the delight of her husband Maxim Galkin.Unfortunately, many are wondering why she did it, because the children endured the surrogate mother.Diva condemned for what her age is not permissible, forgetting that Galkin still young enough and be able to raise and nurture children.People's opinions on the subject differ someone happy for the singer, while others condemn it without understanding the situation.

Why Pugacheva children

question of course, is rather complicated.But most women dream to experience the joy of motherhood, newborn care for, feed, change diapers.Watch as the child begins to walk, talk, and how to know the world.Nothing can compare with the happiness of once again become a mother, to
care for and nurture a young child who reciprocates.And it is unimportant known children of their mother, they'll love it unselfishly.Rather, it is also one of the factors that the singer thought of posterity.

When Alla was born first daughter Christine, the singer was not able to fully experience what it means to be a mother, because then her career was at its peak.Diva was in constant traveling.Daughter helping to nurture mother.Enjoy motherhood Pugacheva failed.

thus moving away from business, Alla again felt a burning desire to become not only his young wife to her husband, but also her mother.And though she Diva said that she would be able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby, still decided to tempt fate and not to resort to the services of a surrogate mother.It is understandable, the actress is more important than health.

Moreover, all earned Pugacheva during life must be passed to descendants, but in her case - how?Christina Aguilera she is an actress and singer, well earns and does not need help, as well, and her children, grandchildren Diva.It turns out that becoming a mother, Alla, and still provide a bright future for the two young children.

How many children Diva

After Alla left the stage and retrained from the actress in business woman, she had more free time.After the official registration of marriage with Maxim Galkin singer thought about children.After all, by and large family without children is defective.Therefore, resorting to the services of a surrogate mother, the couple decided to have offspring.

Currently Alla three children: Christina Aguilera, and the twins Harry and Lisa Galkin.I must say that now Diva happy and are caring for kids.Of course, it helps nurses, doctors and other staff hired, but the artist puts in newborns all their strength and soul.

Finally, we can say that the star, who devoted more than half his life to the people, was able to stand back and take the family.In an interview she gave NTV, Diva told me how happy and how beautiful it is in such an advanced age have small children when you intelligently and conscious approach to motherhood.

detractors would like to advise all stop discussing folk singer, so many years, she worked for his people, that now deserve this happiness.Because, no matter how you been successful in your career, business or other matters, the love of family and children with this success - is not comparable.