Big Ben - London, these watches can rightly be considered the most famous in the world.They are located in the tower of St. Stephen, which belongs to the Palace of Westminster, also famous buildings.The clock was installed in 1859.In Russia, many students could see them in their English textbooks.Big Ben - one of the symbols of England.Tower located on the dial 4: since it is square in cross section, the clock is located on each side.No one knows exactly why the clock got its name, but at this point there are two legends.Perhaps Ben - the name of the head of the construction work on the creation of hours (his name was Benjamin Hall), but it may be so that the clock was named after Benjamin Count - very popular in those days, boxers, in whose
honor was also named the largest of the existingThen bells.Interestingly, Big Ben - a very accurate clock.Their mechanism weighs 5 tons, but when the hand starts to lag, then adjust it with a coin in a penny: it put on the pendulum, and it accelerated to 2.5 seconds.
Kremlin chimes - another very famous clock.To see how it strikes midnight, many people gather in Russia, especially popular chimes on New Year's night.Located Kremlin Kremlin Clock.They were established in 1851.Just as Big Ben, the clock Kremlin are located on each of the four sides of a rectangular tower.Pendulum weight is 32 kg, and its length is one and a half meters.The clock chimes every hour, while a large bell ringing, and every quarter of an hour more, and 9 discourage small bells.Once the Kremlin chimes played music, but during the revolution they hit by a shell, and they stood for a year.Later watch recompile, and changing the melody, and in 1935 it was decided to abandon the musical mechanism, which then is removed.
Astronomical Clock "Orloj" at the Old Town Hall in the Czech Republic - another famous clock.They were created in 1410 and has since been encouraging both residents and tourists alike.It was decided to place them for the simple reason that the area is constantly Starometstkoy trade was conducted, and the people so fond of it that are often late to Mass.That is why such an unusual clock mechanism.Skeleton, means death, every hour pulling the bell, then Miser rings coins and proud man admires in the mirror, opens the door, and tested the 12 apostles.With the clock is connected one of the terrible urban legend, according to which the master, to fix them in 1490, gouged out his eyes, that he never was able to repeat the movement.
Watch Greenwich located at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, symbolize time itself, and not only for England but for the whole world.They counted the first time zone, and all the time shifts are calculated on Greenwich.The watch has a very small size, only 92 cm. This is very little when compared to their previous giants.Watch Greenwich was created in 1852.They are located at the gates of the Royal Observatory.