popularity of hip-hop music, particularly rap and reggae in the last few years has increased dramatically.The last such outbreak attention to rap was recorded at the end of the last century.

80-90e It is in the light appeared such a thing as a Russian rap.Once rap is no longer exclusively American and black army style fans replenished vast number of new recruits.True connoisseurs still preferred sources, while the recruits hip-hop rap circle chose a language they understand, not recognizing the leadership of the ghetto inhabitants in the field of rhyme and writing quality music.

Music protest

Rap - style, born on the streets.This makes it simpler and more open.Namely, the simplicity of music and understandable tex
ts attracts young people.Young people, most of them are inclined to war with the system, and better than rap, this aspect does not light, no music style.

Rappers live in his world.And it's not bad, quite the contrary.In an environment of true Hip Hop fans hold sacred laws of honor, and aggression is encouraged only in battles in the form of rhymed lines.Is that rap grandparents - people in poor areas of America could afford to move from words to shot, but the way to solve problems beyond the ghetto and did not leave, in contrast to the rhythmic readings under the juicy bits.

Rap - it is fashionable

Not all fans of rap artists follow the innovations of hip-hop music, because they understand the music of the streets.Around 2009-2010, I was born covert fashion rap, which is especially noticeable in Russia and the CIS.Readings became increasingly heard from passing vehicles on the dance floors of clubs and even in the speeches of famous pop stars.And all that impose on society sooner or later becomes an epidemic.

young people who prefer to rap or punk rock is a lot, and it is such psevdotseniteli make up the lion's share of fans of hip-hop music.Because of the variety of rap army psevdotseniteley prefers hyped stars, no matter how low-standard was created by these untwisted rappers music.Hence the growing legs widespread belief that rappers listen to crazy music.

Youth easily agrees to follow the fashion, including music, hence the thousands of fans of popular rappers.These "fans" in adulthood, and perhaps even before, changing musical tastes with the rap for something less street.There are only those who were originally attracted to rap plaintext and juicy bits.