Cult of Apollo

His cult, one of the oldest in Greece, apparently there are traces of totemism.In Arcadia, for example, worshiped the image as a sheep to Apollo, as initially he was considered a god guarding the flock.Then it was considered the patron saint of immigrants, based Greek colonies and then patron of the arts, music, poetry.On the building of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow is a figure of Apollo, which controls four horses, a chariot being.As Apollo takes part in the creation of cities and in their management, and is depicted with a bow and arrow because it punishes criminals.

Apollo was also considered a god to predict the future.Pythia, who lived in his sanctuary at Delphi, and is now known worldwide.There is no mention of the wife of Apollo, although many earthly women and nymphs had children by him and enjoyed h
is favor.At the same time, and he visited often rejected.

in music competed with Apollo the god Pan and the satyr Marsyas, but were defeated.Apollo also called Helios, reverence for the Greeks and the Romans passed, but there he was worshiped more as a healer, and is saved from the plague.


Apollo Apollo is the brother of the twin goddess Artemis, and his father - Zeus.He was born on the floating island Asteria, who took Leto, lover of Zeus, after the wife of Zeus, Hera forbade her to walk on solid ground.The island, which was a miracle of birth, since known as Delos, which is translated from the Greek "phenomenon."As well as the very place of the birth of two gods, a palm tree under which Leto delivered of, became sacred.

Apollo quickly matured in a very young age killed the snake Python, or a dolphin, which devastated the neighborhood of Delphi.Then there is, at Delphi, Apollo founded on the site of the oracle of Gaia and Themis its own oracle.There were established in honor of Apollo Pythian Games, and in the Vale of Tempe, he received purification from murder Python.Residents Delphi has repeatedly praised him in the sacred hymns.

Apollo with his arrows hit the giant Titius, who insulted his mother, Leto, and the Cyclopes who forged Zeus lightning.He participated in the battles with the giants of Olympians and Titans.Arrows Artemis, his sister, and of Apollo, is believed to sometimes razyat no reason at all, and sometimes bring death elders.Apollo helps the Trojans in the Trojan War, the camp of the Achaeans his arrows carry the plague of 10 consecutive days.It was believed that he was invisible in the murder Hector Patroclus and Achilles Paris, along with his sister, he is considered to be the destroyer of children Niobe.