multifaceted Ashley

role of Alice Cullen went to American actress Ashley Michele Greene, was born in 1987 in Florida.The girl grew up in a poor family, so was forced to work after school to earn some money for their prom dress.Having left school at 17, he left his native Ashley Jacksonville and went to Hollywood.

She planned to devote himself modeling career, but her short stature has become a serious obstacle to the world podium.

Having failed as a model, Ashley enrolled in acting classes and playing at the same time began to study advertising.Over time, she became involved in the profession and began to receive invitations to shoot in vari
ous TV shows and music videos - so Ashley starred in the clip of Russian group tATu for the song "People with disabilities".Then she sang the role in the popular television series "set", "Crossing Jordan" and "Shark" and in 2007 starred in the first film "My dad - crazy," playing the role of the second plan.

starring role

But the real fame brought the girl vampire Alice from the movie "Twilight", a role which made Ashley Greene known worldwide.Energetic, positive and dramatic actress has made a big contribution to the success of the saga, from around the world about 400 million dollars, and glorified all the actors who starred in it.Alice Cullen was born in 1901.The vampire with the gift of predicting the future is a member of the Olympic Klan, the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and Jasper Hale's wife.

One of the most striking episodes with Ashley Greene was the moment where her character Alice plays baseball, which had to learn the techniques and the most actresses.

Alice falls stepsister Rosalie Hale, Emmett and Edward Cullen and Bella in-law and aunt of her daughter - Renesmee Cullen.In addition, she has a sister and niece, Cynthia, who lives in Biloxi.

Today, Ashley Greene is a promising young actress who starred in four films and serials, as well as ten supporting roles.She successfully combines her studies at the University of Lee Strasberg and career model.In addition, Ashley is the face of a site that specializes in selling things retro and can no longer think about the future, since the participation of all parts of the movie "Twilight" have decided its financial problems once and for all.