Tensions began with the laying of the first stone.Italian architects did not like the arrogant statements Germans came, they often joined with them in disputes that could allow only the Duke.These unjustified litigation slowed construction, led to frequent changes of architects and workers who did not understand what was expected of them want.After the death of the Duke Visconti from the Germans, are participating in the construction, we got rid of, but in the construction of the Gothic style is still preserved.

At the request of the Duke Visconti began to build the cathedral of white marble.This rock is very well suited to the exterior cladding of the cathedral.Polished stone is not only the

light from the sun, but also by the light of the moon.Marble was brought from different places in Italy, purchased abroad.But the money for the construction was not enough, so we had to organize the collection of donations.This was done by the most beautiful girls in Milan.They took into their own hands circles and flowers, dressed in white robes, and the sound of drums and flutes were moving along the main streets of the city and its surroundings in order to collect funds for the construction.

also observed another problem - a shortage of workers.It was necessary to address the citizens with a request a few days working out on an important construction of the city.Citizens otkliknlis to this appeal, and building revived.Still, the temple being constructed very slowly, he was ready in the second half of the XV century.

Cathedral could accommodate about 40 thousand people.Construction was the second largest after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.Today Milan Cathedral fourth in the world in tonnage and a late Gothic miracle, which is decorated inside and out of more than 3500 marble sculpture, pointed turrets and columns.

Milan Cathedral is the European record for long-term construction - the last stone was laid in it in 1906.In total, the cathedral was erected over 520 years.